I wish the CFL would keep the fans in the loop

Title says it all. I think anything is better than this silent treatment.

I agree that in the past the CFL should have communicated with the fans of Ottawa.

As for now, I think it's a give-in that we are going to be granted a conditional franchise. A CFL team will soon be in the city's hand.This is the biggest hurdle and I"m not optimistic

dear mr. frustrated ottawa guy, it is at mr. hunt's request that nothing be said until all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed to save all ottawa fans from getting their hopes up re. the return of football to the nation's capital.he wants to make a concrete announcement and save the if's and maybe's
for "IF your aunt had b*lls, she'd be your uncle."
it's got nothing to do with the cfl not communicating.
mr. hunt has long stated the ottawa group's position on any possible announcement be held off until which point they can come to the fans with fact, not hope.

city legend

Dear Mr. Legend,

Please read my post again to avoid confusion. I wrote "In the past".I didn't mention the Hunt group.

I also wrote that it is a "give-in" that we will get a conditional franchise. I am not worried about the CFL communicating that, I am worried about how the city handles Lansdowne Park.

I didn't know my first post was cryptic, I am sorry for the confusion

Right now, assuming that they indeed plan on having an announcement real soon, I understand it more than I did prior to Hunt's group materializing. There's probably still a possibility of things falling through and they're being careful to not setting anyone up for disappointment (again). I also suspect that they're trying to maximize the impact of whatever announcement they would make.

Until that point, I thought the silence was very ill-advised, expecially on Cohon's part as it would have been a good way to set himself apart from his predecessor. But even from a league level, you can't claim to be committed to a market then rarely acknowledge their existence. You're sending mixed messages.