I willl support the Rens but...

I will not support Lonnie Glieberman as a member of the gades I will refuse to recongize him as a member of the mangement. Let me state something clear. Reason i said i am no longer a Rens fan is because of the Gliebs dealing with the Roughriders which folded years ago. I said i will never support the team unless he is removed. But after several weeks of research and reading most of your posts. I got to say i am going to be on board....But for one more year. IF the Rens do not make the playoffs you can forget CFL in Ottawa due to the lackluster performance by mangement. Right now i am going to set a goal here. IF and i mean if the Rens are 4-0 or 5-2 i will buy a Rens Jeresy. Now you guys have called me a Bandwagoner,a Idiot a !@#@ and so much more which really makes me Angry. Neverless if the Rens are again not in the Playoffs by 2006. Then you can count me as a TICATS fan at the end of this season.

Thanks for sticking around DuckMonk. Lets hope its a winning season!

Thank you. I must apolgize for the crazy antics I pulled over these weeks so far.

you are forgiven. hope you will chree for WPG in the west though.

I guess i was in a stage on what to do after the Rens failed to make the playoffs. But i am willing to give them a chance.

What does giving them a chance entail?

Well ABC i looked around and i checked the Rens. I know things are not up and up but i made a decison that I think was right after feeling P.O after the lack of effort by the Rens.