They have cranked up the volume so loud this game that I have to yell at my wife for her to hear me. NEVER heard it like this before. Ever.

And it is relentless. NO breaks.
Section 202

And yes, I know that I have to call the office… and I will.

We've been saying the same thing. It's absurdly loud. Can't hear anyone talking around us.

I passed by that section - it does get loud.

I’m in the lower bowl, and while the volume seemed louder than normal, the bigger issue was that it was EQed with far too much level at the treble end of the frequency spectrum. Very shrill.

I hate when sounds systems are set for treble its stupid everyone likes bass turn the trebel down to 60%

I get that it’s not a simple problem, because high frequencies attenuate way faster than low frequencies, and they don’t want it to sound like mush, but I can’t imagine what it must have been like for people closer to the speakers tonight.

The PA announcer also came through loud and clear on the TV coverage too.
Almost drowned out the sideline reporter late in the game who was blabbing on about something or other that I could not care less about…so maybe the PA was not loud enough!

Yes, I usually find the PA announcements too loud, I even have trouble listening to my radio headset!

My main problem is when the announcer asks for noise (like he did last night) WHEN WE HAVE THE BALL!!!

All the noise you want when the other team is on offence but NOT when we have the ball☹?

Full out the post game survey via email. Or call the office.

Things change if people mention them.

4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter when that happened.

I immediately thought of this place ...

You cant please everyone can you ! Ill give an example ! D is out , PA make noise i ring my bell up high to help our D and the Jerk off infront if me turns around and says to me do you have to do that !? I say to him I guess we have a problem ! I call our lovely lady security gaurd that patrols our stairs and section i ask her infont of Mr fancy pants Mrs Security do you think its ok if i ring my bell at times to support our team !? Her answer NO NOT AT All ! Wring it as much as you want ! Case closed! Buddy infront of me Mr fancy pants now wears ear plugs!!! ;D

Speaking of PA. Anyone notice on the Calgary Hail Mary the PA announcer yelled “the Calgary curse is over” when the ball deflected to the Stamp receiver?

Don’t they tell players to play to the final whistle?
Shut up till the game is actually over.

“Curse” isn’t actually over until they win IN Calgary. Last time was 2004 under Greg Kollege.

It happened one other time earlier in the game as well. Not quite as blatant, as I think the earlier time was when the offense was still huddled during a TV timeout, but still.

Peyton Manning would have him fired immediately.

Maybe THAT's the reason our offence seemed out of synch. ;D

My beef isn’t with the volume of the music…it’s that it never stops between plays.

My other beef is that Mike Nabors is just bad. But also never stops. He’s not there to be a cheerleader in my opinion. It’s just obnoxious.

And he’s the one who is way too loud.

Yeah but Nabors is such an improvement over Jason Farr. Not saying he can't be better, but Farr specialised in being obnoxious. ::slight_smile:

While I’ve never had any complaints about the volume from the speakers (sec. 112), the sounds definitely carries. After the last TD, and with a couple minutes left, our son was wanting to leave. So we ducked out a couple minutes early to get to the car. The PA announcements were loud and clear…in LOT E!

If your were sitting next to me, behind me or near me in general, I’d also have a problem with your cow bell ringing at my head. It’s all inconsiderate to those around you who may not appreciate it.

In fact (I’ll have to check) but I thought stadiums policy was you could not have cow bells, air horns etc. in the stadium.

I had a cow bell in front of me for the first time EVER (42 years of ST) and I just wanted to grab the thing and ring it in his ear for a while.

If one wears hearing aids it’s almost painful.