I will purchase a Gades season ticket if Eugene Melnyk is in

You can quote me on this:

As a season ticket holder of the Cats here in Hamilton where I live, I will, if Eugene Melnyk becomes the owner of the Gades, purchase a season ticket for the Gades immediately if this happens. I am serious!

Good going Earl. I know that there would be many others doing the same if Melnyk takes over. It would be a very positive influence on potential fans. Like I have been saying for the past few months, the Gliebermans are the cancer and people have refused to buy tickets because of them and now something positive might come out of it.

Wright should be pitching a tent up in front of Scotiabank Place this morning and asking for a meeting first thing this morning with Melnyk.

The ultimate scenario, in my opinion is Melnyk owning the team, Jeff Hunt running the team (with Melynk) with Hunt hiring the front office personel (IE Tillman). Hunt would essentially become the Roy Mllakar of the Gades. Now that would work...

Rumour here in Ottawa is that the only thing stopping Eugene Melnyk from buying the Rens with his spare change is that he wants a better deal with the City (i.e. he wants to control concession, parking and other such revenues).

If the deal happens, good things will happen.
If not, it was nice knowing you all.

Hopefully things can get worked out with this. Where there is a will, there is a way, as they say.

Would it be ok for me to, instead of purchasing a season ticket, to go to a Gades game with the wife and spend money on a hotel room and food and stuff? The wife probably won't like the idea of a season ticket here without her getting something out of it I'm starting to think. :oops:

Typical,politics getting involved.Is the city of Ottawa that dumb not to know the positives of having aCFL team in Ottawa?Geez give Larry what ever he wants!! Go back to the Original nameRough-Riders

But a city just can't "give" the stadium and that away.

But you are right, I would have to think that if a deal couldn't be reached on the stadium issue and parking, concession stuff etc. that this really points to the mayor not wanting the Gades to stay in Ottawa, for whatever reason, to keep people who live near the stadium happy there will be no team or whatever.

It will be interesting to see how the mayor deals with this one if Mr. Melnyk is still interested. Very interesting.

When they interviewed your Mayor ? ( Councilor?) last week on TSN, she didn't seemed interested at all. I hope some one can change her / their minds!

The mayor was on the radio yesterday afternoon in Ottawa (mayor is male, not sure who that was on TSN) and he indicted he is open to discussing the situation with any new owner....

Thanks for the correction SR2121...The interviewee was female late 40's black hair. May have been a concillor? Represented the City of Ottawa.

Glad the "real" Mayor showd an interest.

As I said on another post, I will be buying a pair of Ren season tickets and find someone in Ottawa to give them to, if Melnyk takes over. I might even go down to a few games myself.

The Mayor however, does not want to just sell landsdowne park. He has stated that before. The only thing that he was open to, was how to conduct payments to the city. This is an election year, people could nail his butt if he doesn't do what the people want. Perfect opportunity for Ottawa voters to demonstrate their love for football.

The "real" Mayor is Bob Chiarelli, is a sportsminded guy. He was the guy who saved Landsdowne Park from the wrecking ball that former Mayor Jim Watson (who is from Montreal actually, who should never have been allowed to run for Mayor in this City, but that's another story) wanted to level to make way for his cronies to build condos.

I think Bob will do the right thing, but he's got to convince the cappuccino sucking, Birkenstock wearing, bicylcle riding lefties on Ottawa City Council.

Pray for us. We still want football here, no matter what anyone else thinks out there.

Ah you've been listening to Lowell Green. LOL

Maybe it was Jan Harder, the city councillor who publicly said Lonie Gliberman was a pig and a pesky little bltch, or something like that, when he proposed the Mardi Gras promotion...

Here is the email I just sent to the mayor:

[i]Mr. Chiarelli,

I would strongly urge you to support Eugene Melnyk's purchase of the Ottawa Renegades by renegotiating concessions, parking and other revenue sources at Frank Clair Stadium. FCS is well situated as a sports and multipurpose facility, but it is in need of refurbishing, which I am sure Mr. Melnyk would support.

As a long time supporter of Canadian football and professional football here in Ottawa, I feel it would be both an emotional and financial loss to the city to loose the Renegades.

I hope you can use your position to have a positive influence upon the current situation.


Lets hope this keeps the ball rolling in the right direction...

Nice High Five. Hoping that the mayor doesn't show Mr. Melnyk or anyone else the door this time around.

The mayor's office wrote back indicating that my message had been passed along.

how far is it from Ham to Ott, seems like that would be a least a two hour drive.

Well, it all depends on how traffic is through Toronto but it is about 4 & 1/2 hours depending as I say, can be longer or shorter.