"I will not stop being myself" - AB to the Spec

ABIII speaks to the media

I'm not sure how to take this article, it just seems like a lot of I's and me's. I hope AB does the right thing and curbs his flamboyant ways a bit and sticks to a TEAM concept. Do NOT do anything to hurt the "team", that includes really unnecessary delay of game penalties!

Well, he's and him's...LOL

We shall see. Nobody IS perfect as Obie states, and AB3 CERTAINLY ISN'T.

Raiders fans have acquired tastes. Please indulge my weakness for reclamations. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

"I've been around enough football players to be able to sense when a guy's not a good guy or a guy you wouldn't want to bring into your football team. I didn't have that sense at all," O'Billovich said.


X 2

Until otherwise, that IS what it is.

I was watching the interview on TSN where he stated, " Im not going to stop being myself", also saying he wants to have fun and so on. Thats alright with me, nothing wrong with that.

As long as his fun doesn`t cost us any delay of game penalties and so on. Hopefully he can have fun and class at the same time.


I am not anti-Bruce but I will go on record as saying I am absolutely not a fan of his TD celebration antics, I can easily admint this guy has talen and makes us a better team.. IF he isn't costing us real estate!

Hey, Ill third that!!! Obies been around. He knows!

I’ve played football many years and I have to say no matter how shitty a players attitude is it doesn’t matter as long he delivers on game day. thats all that matters.

We do have great wr and sb already but they are all young and bruce brings alot to the table.

but I did see the video interviews of bruce he did seem as though he didnt want to be in hamilton and still wanted to be back in TO…

hopefully he shows up come game though. he’s not listed as a starter yet anyways. hes listed as like the fourth or 5th wr. which i sodd since he’s a sb but whatever

There is something about Brucey that looks out of control for some fans, O well in Brucey we don't trust. :slight_smile:

OB says it well! And he knows because he himself is a very good guy! I wrote Bob O`Billovich a note early in the spring, I offered him some of my very wise advice, and mentioned briefly some of my favorite CFL moments. The guy actually wrote me back via Canada Post, thanked me for my advice and mentioned a few things that where of interest to him.We talked about the 82,83,and 87 Toronto Grey Cup teams. I saved the envelope and letter.

I actually advised him to go after Bishop, no kidding. He said great things about Bish and in fact mentioned that he traded for his rights when he was In BC. I said I hoped he had not fallen for the Pundit spin that Bishop was no good, he assured me he did not fall for that crap.

Uhhmm.. nobody here ...CARES about Bishop, take your manlove for him back to the blew team forums

I've lost faith in Obie. Bruce is the type of player that nobody needs no matter how talented he may be. Obie, be prepared to have to fix this mistake

I loved his line about fines.
Something like "The word fine scares me unless we are talking about a woman"... Ha ha love it. The guy's got a great sense of humour. I'll give him that. :rockin:

HalfTheDistance wrote...... :Uhhmm.. nobody here ...CARES about Bishop, take your manlove for him back to the blew team forums...............................................

NOTE TO SELF....Contact Vinny about this dude halfthedistance, have him messed up so nobody recognises him :slight_smile:

I saw most of the interviews with Bruce, and quite frankly, I am not as concerned as some of you are. Bruce may get carried away with the endzone dances (which by the way he blames Milt Stegall for), and maybe said a little too much to his coach, but in OBs interview he said what I thought made a lot of sense. You don't here any of Arland's team-mates making complaints about him. To me that means he has pretty good character in the dressing room, and that means a lot more then the occassional endzone dance celebration.

When Ovechkin did his little celebration after 50 goals everyone was complaining. The fact is if you are a skilled player who has the desire to win, and your not causing trouble on the team, then in my opinion you are a desired commondity.

We'll have to see what happens after he scores a touchdown tonight. Hopefully he score plenty. Maybe they can teach him the Oski-wee-wee cheer moves, and he can dress it up a bit.


OB said it well on TSN last night!!! He knows of no player in the CFL that has ever had a bad experience with AB. Just all of a sudden we here all these negative reports.........That`s basically what OB said.

You people that believe all the crap that has come out the last 2 weeks??? Its not grounded in the truth. Argos are just going down the toilet with poor management.. Argo HC Bart will be out of the CFL next year....

Another clown that came to the CFL that said....football is football, do not need cfl experience, nor do I need to hire assts with CFL experience....he`s history

As long as he doesn't get a flag let him do his dance we need some of that Fun on this team!