I will feel bad for wally if hamilton loses.

In all of wallys coaching years, he has always made the playoffs, and this year he won most winningest coach, so lets make this year even more perfect for him and make sure he gets in the playoffs. Wally deserves this guys. GO HAMILTON GO.

Cats won't lose. We want this one BADLY. Bombers are about to learn that payback is a bitch.

yes yes! i like to hear that! PLEASE beat them.

GeroySimonfan, those sure are a nice pair of rose colored glasses you have on :wink:

get on the Lion train dude - its just getting up steam.

This train fell off the tracks last year in the play offs against Calgary and didn't get put back on. As relying on a Hamilton win to get us into a play off spot how weak is that? I will cheer the Lions on as load as the next guy but give me something to cheer for. I can't see any improvement in the Lions with some of the players and assistant coaches they have on staff. Wally has to take the heat for this and I bet he is spitting mad and I hope he still around to fix it, he deserves that much. In my opinion for what its worth and that and $2 will get you a cheap cup of coffee, it will take 2 years to re-build this team to a Gray Cup winner.

we need a new defensive coordinator.

Look, after Hamilton beats down the Peg, all we need is a 3 game winning streak. Easy as Pie.

Pht, with a attitude like that we will get no where, GO HAMILTON GO (for this week) THEN, GO LIONS GO. Stay positive, 2001 they went 8-10 and won the grey cup. Plus we win more games against eastern teams then the western and have proven we can beat Montreal.