I will be watching the Stampeders play next week, GUARANTEED

No doubt about it, I absolutely guarantee the Stampeders will play next week and I will be there to watch them.

...based on?

I guarentee you that Edmonton won't be playing next week, or even this week for that matter. How does it feel to be out of the playoffs?

An insider told me, the fix is in, Stampeders will play next week, GUARANTEED!

I've gotten over it, obviously you haven't.

Look cfleskfan, you need to take a statistics class. There is a difference between "possible", "probable" and "absolute". It is possible that the Stamps win tomorrow, it is probable that they won't and it is absolute that one of the two teams will win. Either way, I hope it is a good game! GO RIDERS!!

Nope, it is guaranteed, I have my tickets and I will watch the Stampeders next week.

I find it funny that the team you originally cheer for uck so you have to switch your team. If the Riders loose this weekend, there is no way im watching the games next weekend.

I'm watchin' every game, as I do every week...there's nothin' like playoff football, even if the Riders aren't there...

That's your choice. Personally I bleed green way too much to be cheering for another team.

My blood is blood-coloured...I don't bleed green, and never have...if I do, I'm in for some serious health issues, I would expect.

I enjoy sport, and refuse to let the success of the football team I happen to pull for dictate my watching of it...and yep, that is my choice...

Well aren't we a little pissy today.

Not funny at all, I love CFL football. I call myself a fan, I guess by your post you are not. I'm comfortable in my space. And why does the Eskimoes demise occupy so much of your thoughts, aren't you a bit obsessive about this?

Not pissy at all thanks, greenandwhite, but I do appreciate your trying to discern my tone from a post I wrote while I was smiling…thank you for your incorrect assumption…I suppose that me admitting that it was my own choice stole your thunder from you, which is why you opted for the judging route…

Sorry Esksfan but My sources tell me its already written in stone the Riders will win, and sorry to give you the bad news :slight_smile:

O sorry there jm. Actually what opted me to the judging route was the "I don't bleed green" Plus it sounded like you were trying to start an argument over something that I had no intention of starting an argument over.

Just who is this "isnider" that told you the Stampeders were going to win? Marty York?

Marty's long gone

Actually I rarely think about the Eskimos. I just find it funny how your team was terrible this year and now you are trying to act as if Calgary was your favorite team all along. I'm a fan, but only of one team, and once/if they are out, I won't try and act like B.C is my favorite team, even though I hope they take it if the Riders don't, but I won't be necessarily cheering for them, or even watching them for that matter.

I accept your apology over my statement of fact, greenandwhite, and I, myself, must say that I am sorry you interpreted things incorrectly...