I watched the TICATS /ARGOS game again

I watched the TICATS /ARGOS game again .

and I watched very closely to evaluate players and noticed a few things :

1 . Porter was not as bad as we thought as bioth blunders were clearly not his fault ....one was Simmons not picking up a blitz and the other was O'neill not hearing the audible call ...overall Porter was ok outside of that ...

  1. Simmons made more than a few bad reads and he could be in jeopardy of losing his spot

  2. Rose was getting decent penetration in the middle but mcelveen not so much and the canadian Steele

  3. Darcy Brown mad a lot of mistakes in this game as i replayed some of the plays i can see that he missed blocks or allowed buys through many time...i don't like this player ...just my opinion ,,.never had ..not a smart player . If cortez has half a brain he will use francisco or stephenson or fournier

5 Duwalt looked great on 2 kick returns but got injured

6 Powell misread at least 2 plays chaasing the srong guy and so did Crable but Crable is more new to the CFL and played better otherwise .

My guess is Mcleveen and Powell and Steele lost points on the scorecard ....I can see the DLINE BEING

Peach , Rose , Steele , Boudreau or Crable --

7 Ike Brown was a monster our there as was patrick jean mary and watkins looked good too as did dee webb

8 The specialty teams looks amazing with eiben , fornier , kanya, ike brown, jean mary , giguerre etc

9 Cody Husband did an admirable job and Pete D played great as did belton johnson and oneill was ok ...
simmons was not so good

10 onrea jones looked good when called upon ...i did not like deon murphy and i hope next game williams, onrea jones and dewalt or gigure get some kick return opps

11 arron kelly did not look so good and for some reason they are givinbg jeffers harris very little opportunity

I personally think Aaron Kelly will not become a star and i'd keep Onrea Jones , Duwalt , Jeffers Harris and let go Murphy , Kelly ,

I;d also give Hennesy , Dile or Claytor more time to see if they are better than Simmons .

Next game will tell alot as some of the players mantioned have to step up :

These are soem of the guys on the bubble :

Ronnel Brown
Jeffers Harris
Onrea Jones
Hennesy , Dile or Claytor

Did you see the play on the goal line where Darcy Brown didn’t even try do block anyone? Brutal.

i don't recall that play but in watching the replies i can see him peaking to where he is supposed to run or block and i am certain the other team sees that .....he is just not a smart or confident player
if he wasn; so big he would not be in there at all and i think fourner can do better

IMO, he's been doing that regularly for the past two years. I actually think he makes a determined effort to avoid contact.

Agreed. Brown is listed as a fullback, but doesn't do either of the main jobs of a fullback well, short yardage runs or blocking. (Has he ever carried the ball out of the backfield?) He seems to do ok on short passes to the flat, but that isn't called often enough to make up for his limitations. It would be interesting to see if he can go deep; he was a receiver in college, after all. But I don't think he has the speed for that even if matched up on a linebacker, which would only ever happen on a six receiver set.

Fournier, on the other hand, is an actual fullback, can run the ball through the line and can block. No idea if he can catch or not, but we have Cobourne for that type of play.

I didn't notice Francisco in the game. Given that he was a tightend in college, I assume that he can at least block fairly well, although his receiving stats are quite low. No Tony Gabriel, I'm guessing, but maybe good enough for the role he'd have on the team. I'll have to watch the game again and look for him this time.

You guys should bring in Kerry Carter if you're dissatisfied with your current fullback.

would love to have Kerry Carter but I don't make those decisions Obie and George do :slight_smile: