I watched the Oct. 13th game and ... (finish the sentence).

I keep waiting for the day to come when the ticats are a power in the league again and the teams that are rolling over them now will be on the receiving end of a good beating.

I have watched every second of Ticat football this year. Six games in person the rest on TV. I can tell that the Cats put up some pretty good efforts in losing causes.

On Monday, the only reason that the Als "rolled over" the cats was because the Cats flat out quit. Jojo, Porter maybe a couple more worked hard but thats it. Any team that would do that needs to be rebuilt, from the ground up.

I watched the Oct 13 game against the Alouettes and saw
A.C pick our defence apart like a fisherman filets a fish.

AC threw quick 3-5 yard passes to the sideline area
and a few to the open area over our Defensive Ends.

This isolated our defenders one-on-one against his receivers

We would miss the first tackle and they would get a first down.

Part of their game plan was based on the premise that

it is very difficult to tackle a shifty receiver by yourself.

After running hard towards the receiver in one direction
you have to stop and make changes in your direction.

Sometimes you may get lucky to be in position
and in balance to wrap up and make a good tackle

but so often your momentum is such that
all you can really do is stick an arm out.

montreal is better at that present time then ourselves

oh yes and the montreal cheerleaders are pretty hawt..over and out

said to myself "well back to the boards and FYB talking about trading Printers" :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I watched that game and wanted to cry (or throw up).

That last weeks player of the game wasnt seeing the ball every other throw !!! The guy ate the CB up last week and this week nothing ?? Obviously they couldnt or didnt want to disguise the plays that they threw to him last week .

How could you not throw it up in the corner of the end zone in one on one coverage with P Rods size advantage and his hands ??  You dont need to  only run the ball inside the 5 with this guy . He`s gonna open up the run  in that area of the field especially . 

When we kicked the  short field goal i  knew we werent gonna win the game !!!!