I watched the Oct. 13th game and ... (finish the sentence).

I watched the Oct. 13th game and ... was hoping for the best. While I am disappointed by the outcome, I still was "rooting" for the guys!!!
I have been a season ticket holder for a few seasons now, and I always look forward to the games, plus I always stay till the very end of each game, no matter what the outcome.
(Also, not that it matters, but, I am a girl who just enjoys watching OUR team!!!)
Hope to see better things in the future, but, no matter what ... I'm hooked.

Good for you ...better times are on the horizon. We need more fans like you. Welcome D. R. Tiger :slight_smile:

real fans hang in, D.R.tiger, and welcome to the lair.
yes, it’s about the tiger-cats, but it’s also about hamilton: it is us, at our primal and tribal best.
the team will turn this around, and when it does it will be oh so sweet.
i don’t think we have too much longer to wait …

... almost lost my turkey!

...was reminded of how bad our D line is, how inconsistent our O line is, and I wondered if our dominant running game left with Charlie.

i watched the Oct. 13th game and…was shocked that leafs had blown a 3 goal lead only to lose in a shootout.

...still contend the Al's cheerleaders are the hottest in North America.

… said. Oh well, it’s over at half time. May as well get a few more things checked off the “Honey do” list. I was hoping we could have caught a few breaks and kpet it close, but I guess the Al’s were just to strong on this day. On the bright side, Calgary got smoked too!

...............was very disappointed with the second half effort. We were down by 15 at half time but were moving the ball fairly well. We need to eliminate turnovers against good teams like Montreal.

The defense is so pourous that we should only rush 3 people. We can't get any pressure with 4 plus the blitz so what is the point anymore. Rush 3 and drop everyone back.

The oline stinks. Get rid of everyone and start over.

That's what we've been doing for some time now. It doesn't seem to be working too well.

Please note that I am talking about the oline in this situation and not the entire team. You just have to find the right combination.

AC made a joke out of our defence, Five completions in a row to Cahoooooon an still there was nobody within ten yards of him when he made his next catch. I wonder who's game plan this was.

....and wished I hadn't.

8) ......and dozed off !!!!! :oops:

the cats sucked...both sides of the ball

Was disgusted with the tackling . Especially by the DBS and LBS !!!! Do they not know how to tackle ? Why do they always try to tackle around the shoulders ?? What`s wrong with the legs ?? If the reciever is bigger than you wouldnt it be easier to get him around the legs and wait for help ?

So many Montreal drives were prolonged by terrible terrible tackling . i was also upset to not hear that from the coach . If i saw it and i`m sure alot of you noticed it as well , why oh why were they able to keep playing the way they were ??   If you dont want to take any chances in coverage you have to at least  tackle well  shouldnt you ??

said “there goes another ticket down the drain, why dont they damn well hurry up and trade printers for some defense”

....felt sorry for Sask. losing to Calgary worse than the Ticats did to the Als !!!!!


I hope they bring in some better O-Line players and Defensive tackles this off season to make games more even! Roger and out! :roll:

There was tackling?