I watched Jeopardy the other night and ...

We’re in this League for a $1000

The Answer was - What is the CFL :slight_smile:

Bobo…this one is up and on the tee for you.
What really was the question??

LOL. The real question was "What team has a complete knucklehead as their Head Coach ? :smiley:


Did the contestant answer it correctly?

Too bad that was not one of the questions when Dyakowski was on the show. ;D

Yes, she was a Family Doctor from Toronto. :slight_smile:

It’s not the first time that the CFL has been featured on Jeopardy…I wonder if the contestant got the right answer to this one ? :smiley: It would’ve been also nice if this was one of the questions when Dyakowski was on the show . 8)


Alas unfortunately “Canada’s Smartest Person” didn’t fair so well as a game show contestant . ???

Slightly off topic - The Cats were on TV in the background on Ozark, season 2. I love seeing that.

Anyone else think Pete might have dipped a bit too deeply into his pain management that day? Pretty sure it was filmed while he was still out with the ACL injury.

I just started watching that show. I'll keep an eye out for that.

CFL was in the background in season 1 too 8)

The show “The League” on FX, is about an NFL Fantasy League but it is always the CFL and mostly the Ticats on the TV’s in the background.