I WAS WRONG wooo hoooo

I was wrong serve up that crow Im gonna enjoy it.

The football gods smile on the humble :lol:

Let Damon Allen enjoy his MOP, AC is going to the Grey Cup BABY!!!!!

Way to go AC
Sorry I ever doubted you
Great game lapointe
He Owns the Argos :lol:

I would like to commend you ro1313, on taking one for the team and making yourself look like a fool, all the while jinxing the Arogs. I say a game ball to you!!!

that was my plan but I figured no one would ever believe me :lol:

Congrats to the Als!!!! you have a great team, Ro, BELIEVE IN THEM!!!!!!!

GO ALS!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING THE GC HOME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what? It took me about five years before I really bought what Calvillo was selling, but this season, I became a hardcore fan of him. I love his playcalling and his poise.

Go Anthony ! Go get yourself a second ring ! You deserve it !

It’s official: Torontos run defense blows.

and Edmonton's sucks. :lol: