I was wrong I admit, great game, tough loss!!

I will admit, i was wrong about Coach Berry. The BB'S looked horrible in the 1ST half , and alot of fighting on the sidelines was the result. Whatever berry said at halftime, it sure sparked the team, now if we can only play like we did in the 4TH QTR, for 60 mins, there is no stopping us.

It was a great game by both teams, what a shame that Charles had that fumble on the goal line, and the refs missed the obvious facemask on Charles earlier in the QTR. good game, bad breaks. Hats off to both teams, potential Grey cup Preview, YES, what a GC that would be.

4 more games to go, let's do this Bombers, let's bring the cup home!!

I know it's no consolation but the Bombers redeemed themselves in the second half and almost pulled off the comeback.

Bombers will be ok and maybe and hopefully these two teams meet in the big game.

Watch out Bombers, Argos have first place in their sights!!

How they missed that facemask is beyond me. We all saw that 46 rows up!

Definitely a face mask. How many times the refs gonna miss a blatant face mask? Seen it quite a few times this season but seem to call the tap penalties.

I didn't even need replay for that call.

wow those refs were horrid they couldnt make a good call for their lives

The Bombers have been tough and scrappy all year and have shown they can hang with the leagues best. Don't forget they have made numerous personel changes on defence and havn't really started to play as a unit yet. I'd give them A for that second half effort and a little better execution on the goal line and they were right there with the Champs. It does bode well for a GC rematch, now 1-1, winner take all in game 3.

...I don't blame Charlie at all for trying to go for it all ...and at least tie the game (remains to be seen if we would have gone for the 2pt conversion or booted a single on the ensuing kick-off) Blink is going to be po'd next game...watch out cowboys...The ball was sure bouncing crazy...Clermonts td. ...the tip to Edwards and the punt that went through Albert J'S hands legs...that never touched him.......spooky...Definitely was a face-mask on Roberts that was missed....and the Bombers could have been called on a hit on J.Jackson that was below the knees....otherwise it was a pretty well ref'd game....Bombers need to get out of the gate earlier....i like to use this analogy...The game starts out like a horse-race...the rest of the field gets of to a ripping start...with the Bombers hanging back on the rail...and then pouring it on down the stretch....sometimes you nip the rest of the field at the wire...sometimes you don't ....c'mon Berry get this horse moving faster out of the gate...and what ever you said at half-time to this slow starter...sure seemed to work...we just fell a little short this time.... :wink: :thup:

How is the crow there dad?

...you know i had that reserved for you.... :lol: :lol: i'll get to serve it to ya yet.. :wink: