I was wrong. Congrats Winnipeg!

@LetsGoBlue In keeping with the terms of our bet:

Congratulations to the Blue Bombers on a fantastic game and back-to-back championships! And perhaps more importantly, winning their 12th championship before the Riders win their 5th. I was silly to doubt the B&G machine.


What a finish! And good on you for keeping your word!

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It was a great game. Entertaining from start to finish. I really thought Hamilton would pull it off, though. And then with the Riders hosting next year, I figure we have a solid shot of repeating 2013.

Back to Back is a rare accomplishment these day,. Congratulations ...


Yes, a great accomplishment! Congrads to the Bombers for winning back to back Cups. Entertaining game, very close, came down to OT. Looking forward to next season, hopefully we can get in a full schedule of games.

Just wondering if the Bombers are planning to put Tim Whites name on the Grey Cup ?

Great teams find ways win the close ones. Congrats to the bombers on back to back championships. A feat that is very hard to do at the best of times, and the 2021 season was with even harder issues.

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If you ask nice enough, they may even put your name on it next year!

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WOW, that was tooooo close,

Great to see these complements, you guys & gals show great sportsmanship.

I've been up for a hour now, back to bed

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