I was thinkin AND!

MOAST of the CFL teams have a city population of
500 000-600 000. with an avrage of about 25-29 thousand going to each game! Yet Toronto's population is about 2.5million making it about 4 times as big yet there games avrage 25-29 thousand a game!? Like wise shouldnt they practickly fill rogers centure?..I find theres more argo fan's i come across here in hamilton then in toronto! whats with that!?
*minus Al's but they are always solid for crounds, and there stadium is only so big!

I often wonder is those crowds are actually 25000 to 29000 in Toronto. It always looks much less. I know the capacity is about 50 000. But do you think a lot of those tickets are corporate sold with many not even attending. At least in Hamilton when you get a large crowd. It looks great!

I agree! I think a Small almost sold otu stadium looks FAR sharper then a partly sold out big 1

well the thing is.. and I'm going to get attacked on this one.. is that we do great to pack our stands.. especially for a 1-8 team but.. our crowd is only into the game the first 2 series.. and then the last 4 minutes of the game.. that is if the game is not out reach.. fans start leaving 6-7 minutes left in the game.

We continually get the numbers.. why not as fans just be loud and roudy when our defence is on the field.. it'll make a better atmosphere.. apply pressure on opposing Ofences and show some intensity.. like uhh forget his name.. but the last guy to say.. "ITS HAMMER TIME" on the jumbo screen.

ha :slight_smile:

next home games.. we all just have to get up and be loud

I would like to see Hamilton being the loudest crowd. We sure do have one of the most knowledgable crowds in the league!! But if we can up the intensity, we could give our players even more of a boost!!!!

well… this past home game… Toronto fans had their own freaking band in the stands…? why can’t we bring in drums and beat box the noise factor up a couple degrees!

that`s a good idea. Maybe in the open end zone. Bring in a ticat band. Or a guy with a drum beating in the stands. That could help out.
But with Printers starting against Winnipeg. You know the crowd is going to be up for this one!!