I was so hopeful for this year

The title says it all, I was so hopeful for this year but after last night I’m not so sure. If your going to be a team to reckon with you have to beat the Stamps, Roughriders and Bombers and that’s not happening. If your going to be a team to reckon with you have to find a way to win and that’s not happening. I’m hoping we can put together some sort of full team in the run to the finish but I’m having my doubts. Between most Vancouver teams I’m getting tired of “wait till next season”
Disappointed Lions Fan.


Agree. Don’t know what has gone wrong specifically (outside of Reilly’s arm trouble). Calgary stumbled out of gate. Edmonton in the dumps and sask so so. Should have been a good year for them. Hate to say it but looks like we are in next year territory.


Teams in 'next year territory' in the past would jettison players that don't fit into their plans going forward BEFORE the trade deadline. Getting something for these players instead of nothing when they become free agents is what successful rebuilding is all about. If the Lions don't have a pile of draft picks going into the off-season it means that Lions' management is totally satisfied with their current personnel. Lions fans could then expect more of the same next year. :grimacing:

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I wouldn't throw BC out with the bathwater yet. They're a solid club capable of beating anybody. Yea, Winnipeg beat them down but WInnipeg beats down everybody. As for the Stamps, well they are simply not the same pushover that they were back in August. They had a lot of turnover and are very young. It was expected that they would take some time to come together and now they are doing just that. Sure BC didn't play very well last nite but every team has 1 or 2 games a year where they're just off. No excuses, but that is the reality. I will say that in a one-and-done playoff game I would take Reilly over Bo in a heartbeat.

The tough part is that they have the Bombers again next week, so even a strong effort might not help them. The road trip to Toronto and Hamilton will show us what they're really made of.


Well with the new owner out here at least it gives me some form of optimism. LOL!


I know what your saying and I think I partially share your optimism. Even if they loose against the bombers but put up a really good showing that would brighten my spirits. Of course I would be over the moon if they should beat them.

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This 3 game road trip will be telling. Lions need to go 2-1 at the minimum and then win the following game back home in BC. That should get them into the playoffs.

Both games against the Riders were winnable so I think we have a chance to get to Winnipeg.

LOL who am I kidding, best chance for this team is a new OC.

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Yes I agree with a little luck we would have both Riders game. Sorry OC? The brain cells aren’t working today.

And I share your concerns. The Lions definitely did themselves no favors this week. They had an opportunity to assert themselves and instead they dug themselves a bit of a hole. But this playoff scrap (BC/Cg/Sask) is not over by any stretch. :+1:


I agree!

Offensive Co-ordinator I believe

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BC was really missing Lucky out there... he brings a whole new level of swagger for the Lions and its a big loss, especially for how important the game was against the stamps.


The OC:

A troubled teen named Ryan is taken in by a public defense lawyer and his rich real estate developer wife in Newport Beach, California after he is kicked out and abandoned by his alchoholic and unstable mother. He meets their quick-witted son Seth and they soon become best friends.

It's either that or 'Offensive Coordinator'. :grin:

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Yes I agree.

I think BC woes start with a zero run game. And Reilly looks totally disengaged. Looks like the old QB in Any Given Sunday

Well certainly they have to get a running game going, they have to find somebody.

I think the o-line went wrong while Lulay was here and hasn't been fixed. Reilly gets beaten up every game.


Lions appear to have a good roster, but need a couple of pieces for next year. A solid backup QB may help as once Reily gets shaken up; he's not making the plays.
Campbell appears to be more of the coach he was in his last year with Ottawa then his first few years. He simply needs to better coach going up against the Dickinson Brothers and that guy in Winnipeg (sorry can't remember his name; I just call him Huckleberry Finn) - you are simply not getting away with third rate coaching in the western division.
I would try to get Chris Jones.

It's not the HC, it's not the OC, it's certainly not the QB. Everything comes down to offensive line. They have zero running game. They just don't run the ball because they CAN'T run the ball. It doesn't matter which back gets the carries (Butler/Cooper/Rainey) they all get stuffed. Chungh has been a huge (and pricey) disappointment and you can see how frustrated he is when he's just shoving guys in the back after the whistle. I think he has checked out mentally. They've put their faith in guys like Godber Peirson and Steward and they have struggled to keep up and develop.

If there was one real weak spot that Buono had in all of his years running BC, it was his poor recruitment and development of o-linemen. O-line was always a sore spot for the Lion even when they were the western power. Their line only became AVERAGE once shelling out for imports Murphy and Jimenez and Murphy was much better than Jimenez. I think that the problem was that he kept drafting for body type rather than actual skill. They picked up Angus Reid in trade almost as an afterthought. He ended up being the ONLY Canadian lineman to be a consistently legit starter on their line for 10 years, despite the fact that Wally kept trying to replace him the entire time with someone with a better body. Reid was small with short arms. Can't have that. Except that he was GOOD. So they drafted Dean Valli and did everything to have him unseat Reid for 10 years including handing him the starting center job twice, and both times Reid had to step in and take it back because Valli couldn't get it done. And we all know that Valli "had a body, a real body, 6'5 305, good girth, a real good looking guy!".

Other than Reid Bob Singh was pretty good for a couple of years, was really the only other Canadian all-star calibre lineman in that time. Fast forward 10 years and again the only real stalwart o-lineman Wally brought in was Olafioye - an import.

Wally is gone now, but it seems that McEvoy is still doing things the Wally way when it comes to recruiting o-linemen, stick with your underachieving underdeveloped Canadian draft picks simply because they have great vitals.

Maybe Campbell needs to use his connections in the off season to lure someone like Nolan MacMillan SirVincent Rogers or even Colin Kelly into town. In any case they need to get their hands on 'good' players instead of just 'good-looking' ones.


Well they seem to have high hopes for Rourke, but he needs playing time if he’s going to prove himself.

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