I was robbed.....

I bought a ticket to the Ti-Cat game for today against the Argos.I was under the impression I was going to a football game.

When the apparent game started I thought O.K. Im at a football game.But as the apparant game continued I realized I was watching the Argos practice against my old highschool team.As you can imagine as time went on I became a little adgitated.

So for the lady at the ticket counter who sold me this fake football ticket I am calling the police tomorrow,and will be reporting you.

You know something if im gonna pay good money to go to these apparant football games and end up seeing a 3 hour comedy routine Im gonna throw a little comedy onto this website...........

I have never been so embarassed as I was tonite surrounded by Argo fans chanting Argos Argos.....You know what I couldn't even say anything to defend that joke of a team we have.


Want some cheese???

No. You gambled. You lost. So did I.

Ya know what ? i`M tired of people like you complaining that you got ripped off . You knew before the game started what nmay happen . To come on here after the fact and bitch is just plain boring . If you feel you were ripped off then you were , we dont want to hear about it !!!!

yes I would like some cheese hendy77.Iwanted to see a football game tonite but didnt receive that either......

than dont read it habman…

well dont complain we dont want to hear about it . Come up with something origanal please ~~~~~

Ok heres something original you havn't heard all year habman..........

I paid good money to watch the ti-cats play their heart out..we were so close to winning,if only we scored another 35 points.

you know I hope we play like that for the rest of the year,it was sooooo much fun...hopefully my friends watched that game on tv so I can convince them to come to the next game........
Like I said habman dont read my threads if you dont like them.Im sure theres many people who agree with my opening thread we were robbed again...

I agree Todd. Great post.

Amen Tod

Todd ,
what exactly gave you the impression you were going to get what you asked for?
Perhaps last weeks game efforts or maybe the game before?

Who’s the dope here?

Ahh , maybe it was the game before that one that lead you to believe you were going to get your monies worth…or the game before that.

I remember a Simpsons episode where Lisa was doing an experiment to try and determain which was smarter , Bart or a (i believe) a mouse.
See placed something good on the stove , while still hot , to see if Bart would STILL go for it. Each and everytime Bart would go for it ,he would get burned…and reach for it and get burned … and reach for it and get burned…
Mouse 1 -Bart 0.

Sorry dude , the whole world saw it coming but you.
Maybe next time you won’t reach for those tixs again and get burned.

Unfortunately, the odds at Casino Niagara are a little better !!!! How sad is that !!!!

When the last quarter is so bad, toddking

it is hard to take solace in the fact that we got
3 quarters of respectable, hard nosed football

but we did.

Todd and others, you make valid complaints, but what is your point? Everyone knows the TiCats are having a horrible season. The owner even admits as much and takes much of the responsiblity.

How many other professional sports teams have had tough times? All of them.

If you want to stop coming to games, throw out your TiCat stuff, then that's your choice. However, there are many of us who are prepared to weather this storm in anticipation of better times ahead.

Hope you see you there,

I went going in expecting to lose. I also went in looking to see what part of the gameplan was going to be featured and was pleasantly surprised. I also went in hoping that with a new GM in place and the season already lost that we might finally see some auditions from the underused backups. I was not surprised but disappointed it failed to happen yet again. But the thing that really burns me is the fact that Lancaster gave away the game and the obvious agreement by the players shown by their total collapse. Until Lancaster is gone nothing will ever change. The players obviously don't believe in him and neither do I. Until Lancaster leaves I see no reason to return next season

Ronnie won't be around the club past this year turbo, his time has come to and end. He has been great for the game as a player and coach and administrator but the end is now here.

I thought that when Marshall came in but knew we were screwed when he was made GM. When I say gone I mean not even allowed to volunteer for the organization. He’s a cancer that need total removal IMO.

And you blind supporters are bigger idiots

:lol: having a conversation with yourself are you, heh heh :P :twisted:

Apparently the mods erased a post while mine made it long wnough for you to view it. I agree its looks kinda funny :smiley: