I WAS ready....

ok..so i posted yesterday about being ready for the season opener and how it meant alot to me...my son and the memory of my dad...that being said...last night was disappointing on a number of levels.

Here is my list..

  1. The game experience was a major let down. Aside from very poor attendance...looking over at the south stands was embarrassing. This was a non event...from Martin Short to an embarrasing magic show to the same old same old contests and fluff...it was a major let down. I have the feeling that the event staff has run out of ideas.

  2. The Cats have been talking about their new merchandise..and did open my wallet and buy...but the staff was confused about items / sizing and things were mis priced in the fancy trailers they passed off as "stadium improvments..( I saw no stadium improvments, I love our stadium but dont over promise and under deliver.

  3. I felt some flash back to the coaching confusion of last year... Taffe did not seem in control...and i will admit...neither did the officials. But they looked like this was their first game working as a team. ( ya ya...i know it was...but dont make it so obvious) The other coaching issue i dont get is the presence of both Danny MAC and Coach Sal on the sidelines...isnt it time to thank guest coaches and move into who really runs the team?

  4. AS far as on field play...it was game one from a team that was dead last last year..so adjust expectations and give em a few more games...

see you next game...I wont quit on them..Can't i am a fan