I was just thinking

When the refs finally get around to flagging ticat mascot,during half time, then I might agree they have it in for the ticats :slight_smile:

Flag Stripes all you want. Suspend him for the season
I hear that T.C. has kept in shape. Bring HIM back.?


Also bring back the original Stripes while we’re at it. The kids loved him. The new Stripes facial expression looks like his suppository hasn’t kicked in yet.

It’s probably only a matter of time although it’s more likely to be an after the game fine.

Garney’s old enough to remember TC dragging an Argo effigy around by the neck with a noose on a 4 wheeler! They took his quad runner away after he collided with a sideline official. Took him out for the season.

And no suspension or even a fine.THAT was football. Ah the good old days. ?

The roughriders mascot is in hot water for kicking a stuffed lion in the b@lls. They have taken his stuffed lion away

I think I saw TC at the last game, over by the mid-field player’s entrance. TC is the one who wears the ugly Wal-Mart/Value Village jacket, right?

Anyway, pretty sure I saw two mascots on the field around half time, and I was stone cold sober.

That TC was a buddy of mine. He felt horrible about it for years!

I’ve been to a few Ticat games in Regina over the years, and versions of Gainer have been doing that sort of schtick since at least the mid-80s, including kicks to the groin of the stuffed animal. Part of what made it funny was getting everything set up and then looking to the crowd like a gladiator waiting for approval.

Yeah “New Stripes” and “New TC” are both around.

Does anyone know the "official " name tag for that tiger mascot in the Hawaiian shirt?

The love child of June Jones and Joe Paopao?

The Cats once got flagged for delay of game because the half time show took too long.

Does that count)