I was completely WRONG

Boy, I sure got owned this week. Wrong on all games besides the Riders/Als game.

Edmonton really had me fooled, Ray isn't so invincible after all and BC isn't exactly the best pass defense in the league either. Gives me some light at least. Really looking forward to seeing Ray play against our defense here in Sask. Or against Toronto's defense even.

Now to the Bombers. The grit they played with is completely gone. I'm extremely disappointed with the way they have played. More so than my Riders. After what I saw the last few weeks against Edmonton, Montreal, and Toronto -- I was sure they would win against this Calgary team giving what was at stake tonight. They look like Calgary did last year, no offense for anything. Michna looks promising but I doubt they will win many more games besides the two they play against Hamilton. On the good side for as much as I support the Bombers and would like to see them win I am still a Rider fan after all. At least we will get to see the Riders win the Labour Day classic games for the first time in god knows how long.

Now Calgary. Nothing surprising here, the only reason they won tonight is because they played Winnipeg. Burris is up to his old tricks of interceptions and fumbling so I don't suspect they will win many more games. Against any other team with a remote offense those interceptions would have been enough to lose the game for Calgary. But it was against Winnipeg after all, Burris throws an interception and then Tee Martin gives the ball right back next play. This Calgary d also took quite a punishment tonight with injured players coming off left and right. I still say a 6-12 or 7-11 record is about accurate for this club of Calgary. BC should have no trouble romping over this Calgary defense next week in a blowout.

Now Hamilton. Can't say much here because I watched the Winnipeg and Calgary game instead. Altough I was sure they'd win this one after the effort they gave in Edmonton and against BC the week before. I'm guessing this was their worst effort of the season by the score, although I'm just guessing. I still say Jones needs a chance to turn things around, or this looks like a club on it's way to 0-18 to say the least.

New prediction:



Going to be a major toss up between Ottawa and Calgary as to who makes the playoffs. I say both teams will be 6-12 or so. What happens if the teams have a tied record at 6-12 or 7-11? Does the team that won the season series make the playoffs or does Ottawa make the playoffs over Calgary regardless?

Esks wins were against weaker teams and had enough to win. Esks finally face a good team and the Lions didn't even put their best foot forward yet and still won. That being said, I still think the Esks are a good team and it's only week 7 so there is a lot of football to be played. I would have to say the Esks are gonna push the Lions for first in the West.

As for STamps, if what I have seen lately is any indication, they are better than the Riders and still getting better.

As for the Gades, I still waiting to pass judgement on them.

glad you don't make my pool picks...I was right except for the dam Stamps...grrrrr...

Cmon, this was not a good week for the Ticats or the Bombers, both losing their starting qbs. Martin is absolutly horrible and shouldnt be in the league and who was in for the Cats, Brady, enough said.

If teams from the East and West both have the same record, then the team that is trying to cross over does not get in.... For example... if Ottawa finished 3rd in the East and Calgary had the same record, they wouldn't be able to cross over, regardless of head to head matchups or points.. It always goes to the team that is in that particular division in case of ties of records...


[quote="Lionbacker"]Esks wins were against weaker teams and had enough to win. Esks finally face a good team and the Lions didn't even put their best foot forward yet and still won. That being said, I still think the Esks are a good team and it's only week 7 so there is a lot of football to be played. I would have to say the Esks are gonna push the Lions for first in the West.

True enough, but I would like to add that the Esks have not shown improvement in the areas they need to work on the most. If they don't address these problems now, I can see them sliding back towards the pack and could be very close to just a .500 team heading into Sept.

I thought they showed a lot of character to come back and give themselves a chance at the end. I am nervous, but optimistic about what I have seen so far this year from the Esks.


........unreal, you are going to have a disappointing season when Calgary leaves both your riders and your bombers in the dust........your assessment of burris is so wrong, like no other QB throws an IT eh?.........

calgary's got 3rd spot in west LOCKED-UP

sask isnt good...only beat winnipeg and hamilton....


So you expect Calgary to go 3-9 from here on in. Get a grip,
if anything we should continue improving. See you in the playoffs.

That is if one of your teams makes it, crossing over.

..........unreal might be that dispaced Iraqi information minister that kept saying things like 'there is no american tanks in bagdad" while the US tanks rolled behind him.....deny deny deny until you beleive it.......we're in third palce today and that's where we'll stay unless EE has a total meltdown (which I doubt) or Sask turns the nitro on (which I doubt even more).........

3rd place already locked up for the Stamps? That is as funny as saying third place Als. Let's not forget that Calgary has only managed wins against Winnipeg and a struggling Saskatchewan team with 9 injured starters. And since Saskatchewan is apparently worse than Calgary having only managed wins against Winnipeg and Hamilton, that does not bode well for the Stamps either don't you think? I haven't looked at the schedule for Calgary but I can say if they play anyone other than Hamilton I don't like their chances of winning.

We'll see what happens in the weeks to come. but let's be real here Saskatchewan is not going to keep losing. They seem to have endless problems such as losing player after player each game, only playing 3 quarters, and now horribe ball control by the WHOLE team not just Greene as some people really like to dig in. But these are all problems that are being addressed and can be easily corrected. It's not like Winnipeg or Hamilton where they aren't moving the ball at all. We had almost 500 yards passing against Montreal, but again bad ball control cost us the points in the red zone. Once this problem is fixed expect a lot of Saskatchewan blowouts to come because even if we convert half of the drives that stall in the redzone it will be enough to win some key games. Saskatchewan should win in Ottawa here this week, and then finally get the much needed bye.

Drummer you seem to base everything on who teams have beaten and who they haven't. There are teams that are going to underachieve and those that will overachieve. The outcome of games isn't based solely on who that team played the week before and how they did.

There are so many factors to consider that this train of thought is a little simple, don't you think?


Hold yer horses there a minute, R&W. Saskatchewan has access nitro? Wow - I thought they'd be more concerned with oxygen at this point - they're dying fast and need oxygen more. . .

Gotta remember the season is only a third done. Things can turn around and hell a sub .500 team could win the Grey Cup. Just have to get it together at the right time and make the playoffs. Who knows, Ticats might even make the playoffs or even the Bombers. We'll have to see towards the end of the season.

well I... on the other hand got them all right....even picked Cal. over my Bombers....here's a little tip for the next games though...don't be too quick to bet against the BigBlue next game, if they play the QB. ...I thought should have always started...Michna....this kid looks solid and can turn this team around.... :arrow:

I would say that your assessment is based on some interesting ideas, but I want to know why and how Sasks’ problems can easily be fixed (if that is the case why weren’t they?). Sure, injuries have hurt. But I don’t see Calgary getting worse as the season goes on. That means, starting now, these two teams are fighting for a spot together. It may simply be a matter of which team keeps its QB healthy the longest.

It is obvious now that third in the west is realistically a two horse race, but at the end of the day I see a Calgary team showing constant and consistent improvement and a Sask team which can nickel and dime but can’t make a dollar. They have a medium game, but in second and long they don’t seem to do very well.

Of course we should be able to beat Hamilton.There is another team I like the Stamp’s chances against . . . the riders. Burris will play like an all star every time he faces you guys. And as the offence keeps getting better, as they learn the offensive schemes . . . they will get stronger. The Stamps don’t need to be fixed . . . they need seasoning. Your team needs to be fixed and that means that the Riders will be in tough, imho.