I was at the ARGOS game!

Bingo :thup:

Okay, I wasn't at the game, though I listened to it on the radio. I'll use this thread to post my thoughts on the game, since I know you're all dying to know what I think. :wink:

First of all, pre-season wins are meaningless. They're mostly auditions for the players, and especially in the first game, guys get a lot of playing time who will never suit up for another CFL contest. I say this because I've always said it, but in the past few years, with the Cats tending to lose in the pre-season, I've always appeared to be making excuses. But I'm not...being on the winning side of the scoreboard (while I enjoy the feeling, especially when the Argos are on the other side) gives us no indication of where these teams will stand when the real games start.

It was not Toronto's third-stringers against Hamilton's first-stringers. Toronto started their #1 defence to match up against the Cats' #1 offence. Likewise, the Cats waited until quarter 2 to put in their starting defence, when the Argos put in their starting offence. So it was pretty much our #1 vs their #1, our #2 vs their #2, etc., throughout the whole game.

The new Ticats who got so much press during the off season played well. It took Maas a little while to get going, but he ended up with decent numbers. Ranek didn't get a lot of carries or a lot of yards, but in fairness that pesky goal line got in the way on one of his runs. Corey Holmes did some impressive rushing, though I would have liked him to have gotten in on some kick returns. Terry Vaughn caught a touchdown pass, slipping some tackles along the way in true Terry Vaughn "YAC" style.

Some of the new guys who didn't get so much press also had great games. Anthony Davis was better than any RB in double blue. Linebacker Bobby Brooks followed up a huge hit with an interception that set up Ranek's touchdown. Talman Gardner had some impressive catches.

Who wasn't I impressed with? DaVon Fowlkes was mediocre on his best returns, and awful on his worst, and if my memory serves he dropped at least one pass. Apparently he's pretty speedy, so he may develop into the kind of receiver/returner we're looking for; but right now I'd rather see the experience of Corey Holmes in that position.

Off the field, I'm not as impressed as others at the 21,000 attendance. Last year, the only pre-season games with fewer fans than that (besides Montreal, who sold out at 20,202) were the Touchdown Atlantic in Halifax, and the game in Ottawa. True, at the last pre-season game played in Toronto, only 8,000 people showed up, but the Argos' average attendance that year was only 15,000. This is not to say that the Argos will have bad attendance, but I don't think we should be gushing over a number that even the most optimistic person would see as merely adequate.

I saw the Joe Thiesmann clip that was on the JumboTron; they showed it on one of the sports channels. Frankly, I'm disgusted. It is a slap in the face to a man who has done more for the credibility of the Argonauts, and the CFL as a whole, than Ricky Williams will ever do. If the team doesn't like what he said about their signing of Ricky Williams, they should say something like "It's unfortunate that he feels that way. We know we have made a controversial decision, and that many will disagree with it. That is their right. But our top priority is putting together a successful franchise, and a winning team, and we feel Williams gives us the best opportunity to do that." But when a team that is as old as the Argonauts, and who uses their history to market their team, then turns around and kicks that history in the crotch like that, well, to quote a famous man, that's "a disgrace." The president of the Toronto Argonauts Alumni Association (or whatever they call themselves) should send a letter to the team voicing his displeasure.

And finally, I'm really looking forward to the second week of the season, when the Ticats play the Alouettes. Not because I think we'll win that game, but because I'll finally be able to see some coverage of the Tiger-cats on the national media.

i dont know if you've read the articles, but the argos who played with joe...didnt like him.

ti cats made a mistake using just 1st stringers in a exhibiton game thats how the argos lost.But i think i know why to stop williams

  1. 21,000 was only the paying customers , there was actually around 30,000+ there.There were people in the 500 section.

1st quarter :




Q.B. WYNN [3rd string and awful]
R.B. AVERY [few yards and a fumble]

  1. JOE was drafted by MIAMI and then he became an ARGO , so the ARGOS could sell tickets. :thup:

His son was convicted of selling cocaine. He made a total as of himself , as has MOSCA. :roll: :thdn:

MOSCA was a pro wrestler [ever hear of steroids]

That JOE thing got a huge response positive response from the 30,000+ ARGO crowd.

Eric looked like a rookie QB, not very accurate in his passes. He looked good on one run for 21 yards but that’s about it…if he has to play during the season they’ll have to let him run a lot to be effective.

I also wasn't too impressed with the Argos spoof of Theismann ... I didn't think that was too classy. But if Theismann's son was convicted of dealing cocaine (which is much, much worse than pot) then he should probably get off of his soapbox. Really, why do so many people seem to have a problem with Ricky smoking some weed (which fits into the same category as alcohol and cigarettes) when daily, other NFL players are getting busted on charges of possession of crack cocaine, and when (doubtless) so many of them are either taking that stuff or steroids (or both)?!?
Also, for the Argos to get 30,000 at an exhibition game is great. Hopefully this continues into the regular season (and goes up!). The result is meaningless; it's only pre-season. But that's a great attendance number.

It seems that some people don’t see the BIG picture here , he signed with the ARGOS , even though other CFL teams have done the exact same thing.[or wanted too] :roll:

It is truly sad , that even some are cheering for this to bomb. :roll:

Thank you and I agree with most of what you wrote! :thup: