I was at the ARGOS game!

For those who care. :wink:

From some one who was actually there. :wink:

  1. Great attendence. 21,000+ paying customers. 30,000 with the season ticket free bes. 2 times what they usually get for an ex-game.

So that is double the usual walk up crowd. So , the ARGOS averaged 28,000 last year for regular season games in 2005. They could average 38,000 this year. :thup:

Those are EDMONTON #S

  1. Media coverage from all over N.A.

  2. They now have POKER at the ARGOS tail gate. REAL POKER! Pro table and all.

  3. Williams played 1 Quarter only.[The second]
    He gained 7 yards.So , I guess that he won't tear up the CFL , as I wrote that he wouldn't. BUT it was only his first CFL Q. after 3 practises.So we will have to wait and see. :thup:

The ARGOS used 3 stringers in the 1st Q. HAMILTON , used mostly 1st stringers. [14 points for Hamilton]

The ARGOS tonight , couldn't block , catch ,run or throw. :roll:

Poor AVERY , who played the first Q.
Not many yards and a fumble.Not a good night to do that.

HAMILTON looks awesome. :smiley:

So NO ARGO excuses.We all sucked and Hamilton looks great.

But as some say , it is only exihbition. :thup:

how abvout Maas?

hellothere, were they selling r.williams jerseys at the game?...i heard the argos were trying to get some instock to sell at the games. ( my cousin wants one )

What was the crowd's reaction when Williams touched the ball? Did it give you the feeling they came to see him?

Among both teams lesser-known players, who looked the best? Who do you expect to see cut?

(BTW, these questions can also be answered by others who also had tickets to the game.)

He looked really good , and he played in the 1st. WYNN played for the ARGOS.

HAMILTON , has a great team this year. I picked them to finish 1st in the east. HOLMES + RANIK [sp] DAVIS , MAAS …ect…WOW!

And a Canadian born award winning coach who knows the CFL game.

the crowd cheered ricky when he was on the jumbotron and booed a pic of joe thiesman ( until they erased the argo ‘A’ on his helmet. then they cheered ) and booed a pic of angelo mosca.

sigh.....have fun watching Holmes out East this year.....by your comment, ht, he looked good, then?

Hellothere agree with your post. I just got back and yes, even though 21500 was the sold ticket announcement, there were over 30,000 in attendance.
The Cats I thought looked good on both sides, but the Argos were brutal on both sides. I hope they are saving themselves for the season opener.

Hey Argotom, How are you doing?

When Williams touched the ball their was a kind of hush , and an OHHHHHHH when he didn’t score a T.D. every time. Silly us. :roll:

BUT he got a HUGE CHEER when they annouced his name and showed him on the JUMBO TRON.

Allot of the crowd was there to see him. To bad it wasn’t a better game.

Some thing funny happened when the TRON showed a picture of JOE THEISMANN and he says that " I am ashamed to be an ARGO. " The TRON then said " NO problem JOE " They than showed a still photo of JOE as an ARGO on the ARGO bench. A cartoon hand then removed the letter “A” from this helmet with an eraser. That got a huge positive response. :thup:

he was very good! :thup:

Thanks for the greeting Red. Hey what's with the cold weather in Cowtown, are you guys ever going to get summer weather?
I hear the Stamps are looking real good and should compete for first. Have you been to any practises?

I am very happy with the crowd #s The home opener in Toronto should be packed and the T.V. numbers should be huge. :thup:

im listenin to the stamps and lions online/radio right now.

stamps going for a TD right now, with danny mac tossing the pig skin.

Wow those weather guys down there must be lying to you there Tom the last few days in the high 20's Lethbridge today at 7:00 Am was 28 degrees. Last week a bit of rain not enough though. S Harper says Hello!

cool and thanks. I will go listen too. :smiley:

That was a good old fashion butt kicking.
Tigercats that impressed me beside their vets (Maas, Ranek Holmes and Vauhan0 were Anthony Davis (good tough shifty runner) Talman Gardiner (good WR with size and good hands) Willie Quinnie (made some nice catches) QB Eakin (he's about ready to be a starter) QB Josten (showed good acturate arm...a pinpoint pass for a TD into triple coverage...and can scramble) MLB Brooks and their DL played well also.
For the Argos they looked like Ricky had them too relaxed...lol...Canadian rookies LB Fontaine and CB Mitchell look like they have potential...and NFL veterans Woodall and Kelly look like they can play MLB...but every other newcomer pretty well bombed. Except maybe the new punter from South Africa, he can boom them almost as good as Prefontaine.
The Argo better hope nothing happens to Damon Allen...and their #1 defense will still be tough. IMO if they want to get the best out of Ricky they need a Sean Millington type fullback to lead block for him especially on the sweeps.

ya well Cabbie was at the Bombers game, all other media sucks

How did Eric Crouch look when he came in during the third quarter?

....great to see this excitement....whether you agree or disagree with Ricky being an Argo you can't argue that this will build interest in the league and have new fans join our ranks.....I saw the Joe Theisman video spot on Sportsnet last night, hilarious.......doubt he'll be invited to any Argo alumni dinners for the foreseeable future.....