I was at the Argo game - My comments

Great turnout and support by TICATS fans
The Ticats defence and specialty teams were very well prepared and were killing the ARGOS.
Our punting game was awesome and guys like Ike Brown and Baggs were great on specialty teams
Cleo Lemon, Chad Owens and Boyd were lucky to come out of this game alive as the ticats defence was ferocious and
leaving injured pray all over the field. Baggs, Mcintyre, AND OUR 3 star linebackers stood out .
I also feel Marshall must have had a great game plan as the ARGOS COULD NOT GENERATE ANYTHING
The entire secondary played flawless . Best defensive effort of the year . Argos did not seem up for the game
and did not seem to have a good game plan
This game was not a typical argo / ticat game as there was no trash talking or pushing after the whistle etc
Cats had a 10-3 lead at halftime that should have been 20-3 as so many missed opportunities to score.
The final of the game should have been 50-3 if Ticats offence had played decent

The ticats OLINE kept Glenn protected all game ...but overall a very lacluster effort on the part of ticats offence
they should have scored 50 pointa with all the field position from fumbles, interceptions ( 7 turnovers)
Cobb had a terrible and Glenn was not sharp and he still throws into double coverage too much
when they brought in thigpen at rb he looked better than cobb ....
Cobb better get his act together or OBIE is going to get rid of him
ARGOS overall played a very poor game with the exception of their defence

I still think the issues with the ticats are :

quality of DB'S
Running game / running back
offensive play calling
mediocre / inconsistent QB
need extra import receiver for passing downs

Marcus Thigpen out of the slot.

[url=http://iuhoosiers.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/thigpen_marcus00.html]http://iuhoosiers.cstv.com/sports/m-foo ... cus00.html[/url]

More than capable of playing receiver. I kinda compare him to Archie Amerson, albeit with a nitrous oxide switch. LOL

You're welcome! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I think Toronto the Good may be back.

I didn't see any Ticat fans or Players for that matter being abused last night. :slight_smile: We are so nice. :wink:

Thats because there where more Cats fans the Argo fans at there own Home game. That tell you what loyality the Cats fans are! Oskee Wee Wee, Oskee Wah Wah, Holly Macinaw, Argo’s Suck! :lol:


Thanks for the comments.

Those same issues of concern you raise have been with us all season.
We should have had more RB's in training camp. Porter should have been gone and the back-up QB should be able to compete with Glenn for the starting job.
I'm tired of calling out the OC for lacklustre play calling...we've had two years of it and it continues.
The defence on the other hand seems to be able to always adjust and improve as needed thanks to Greg Marshall.
We seem to be on a bit of a roll despite the shortcomings. I just hope Montreal doesn't stop us in our tracks next week.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/glenn-offence-making-mark-on-ticats-record-book]http://www.ticats.ca/article/glenn-offe ... ecord-book[/url]

I think the offense did a pretty good job last night as well as the play calling. You have to give credit to the Argo front line. Yes our O line protected Glenn but he was pressured and hurried quite a bit. So all in all…I’m happy with the overall performance.

However…I couldn’t help but notice hoe more effective Thigpen is at RB than Cobb. Thigpen has the moves to make something from nothing while Cobb is still looking hesitant and getting stuffed at the line or losing yards. At some point, I wonder if Thigpen should be given the RB position and try Cobb back at returns. Afterall…wasn’t that Cobb’s forte in college?

There was no denying that Thigpen had a good game but really only 5-6 touches in the game. It is baffleing why he isn't used more in the offence. He does have a great ability to make something out of nothing.
Maybe we are saving him as our secret weapon to beat the Als in the conference final!
Aw darn it I've gone and let it out. :oops: :oops:

Don't think about the finals yet, think only of the next game.

If the defense and special teams play as well then as last night they'll be OK, but only OK. The QB they face next is not a rookie, and that pain in the side Cahoon has feasted on us before. Now dthey have alternate receivers as well.

An improvement is needed by the offense. More of the QB rolls or sprint outs, more quick passes in the short middle, and definitly more variety. We cannot afford to find the six or so plays that don't work and staying with them. (Which is what it appears to me the OC does often) More running plays with both Cobb and Thigpen in the game as RBs at the same time. The running game is set up by the short passes and vice versa. Short passes set up the deep ones.

Hope the 'Cats can play intense, diciplined ball again this week.

Thiggy in, Cobb out. Could you imagine where thiggy would be today if he had the reps Cobb has had to date? Man this sounds a lil like last yr. when a thick headed coach stuck with porter way to long. Speaking of Porter? Anyone notice his 5 yd pass behind the line to thiggy hit the turf first? Is Porter a moron or does he just not care???
I was glad to see Trafalis in for the last couple minutes, maybe the coach is sending Porter a message. Lets hope so!

I hate when people say this.
Glen didn't play great last night, but he played good enough to get us the win.
Have you taken the time to look at his stats? He is one of the best qb's in the league.


I agree 100%. Glenn has been consistent all year long with the other top QBs in the league.
People need to look at his stats along with the other QBs. There hasn't been one dominating QB for any time for the whole year.
Glenn is on pace to beat his own career bests along with having one of the better seasons for a Ticat QB in a very long time. Also were on pace to have 3 1,000 receivers which has never happened......and people still think we have a sh*t offence!

Last night was a very defensive game for 45 minutes, he got the job done to get the win!

Finally, things could be worse....we could have Lemon!

True True. He is the best we have and was a MOP so cut him a break.

Well, he was a MOP candidate from the East Division in 2007. He lost to Kerry Joseph.

Oski Wee Wee,


He's the best QB of the second tier of the league. He is #3, 3A or 4 overall, depending if one wears a melon on one's head as essential spectating headgear, IMHO.

I consider Calvillo and Burris as #1 and #2. This is a subjective assessment. Stats for a season do not matter to me so much. Body of work does. Championship success as well.

We put up great stats for an offense that takes at least one quarter off per game. When hot, Glenn is a superb quarterback. However, he does have his moments. The offensive system he is in has not been successful against elite opposition, i.e. sustained output and victories. In the grand scheme of things, there's a ceiling Kevin and company have to break through.

Be clear: Glenn IS NOT the main issue as to why this offense has crapped the bed when it has. I think if you look up to the press box at the playcalling fellow with the headset, you'd be getting warmer as to why the team is where it is.

Until we beat Montreal when all the marbles are in, I'll hold off on any coronations. This is a 8-7 football team in a franchise history of consistent .500 or less mediocrity since 1973.

Oski Wee Wee,


Keep Cobb as the no. 1 back, Thiggy is a bit thinner, more apt to get injured, keep him fresher for returns and that. I like Cobb, I think he gets down when the game plan doesn't call as much for him getting the ball but look at last night, the Argos were keying on him, teams do respect him and he's a good blocker, I like him as much as he's not, surface wise, a pounding back like Reynolds or Coubourne or like a fleeter footed Reid. But I like him, maybe I'm wrong to, I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, Cobb does a decent job. I just think Thiggy seems to break the holes better because he is a little quicker and doesn't hesitate.

I was happy we won - but I thought this game set the CFL back about 15 years. My god that was horrible. It seems that when ever the Argos are on a sizeable stage with a decent amount of hype for the game, they serve up a complete dud.

Without Boyd at 100%, that team has nothing. Well, a good punter and decent D. But no one to put points up.

slo, you have to remember it's not about setting the CFL back just because some game in Toronto doesn't work out great for the Argos therefore hoo, hoo the CFL is great, TO is happy... blah, blah...

All us true Canadian football fans, CFL fans, Grey Cup fans whatever we are is this -

all we need out of Toronto is a team that exists to just give a presence in a big city like Toronto, other than that who gives a flying fu... Honestly. We are going to be there at Toronto for the 100th and really do we care anyone from Toronto goes to anything other than the true blue blooded Argo fans? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Actually the more I think about it, I hope Sportsnet doesn't even cover any CFL game, event, Grey Cup you name it - ever again in history. Rogers doesn't deserve to cover the CFL or Grey Cup. I believe they have forfeited the right to do so.

Three points?!!!! Hell, the Leafs woulda beat 'em. The Arghhhho's offence was totally inept. I don't remember a single possession when I thought they threatened to score. They got totally owned by a Cats team. I don't know what Barker sees in Lemon because the guy has shown zero improvement to this point. Damn, he reminded me of Maas's time in Hamilton.

An Argo-Cat fan