I Want

Tom Higgins and Troy Smith gone! I heard the Alouettes are still paying Hawkins. Bring him back, cause Hawk and Alouettes go hand in hand. Also a brinks truck has money. Alex Brink is the new QB. The nicest, most accurate pass come from Brinks this year for a TD in the preseason.

Wow, you really needed to start a whole new thread just for this original thought.

I want Arland Bruce back. There are bigger sharks in the ocean than the one that bit Ms. Popp.

Dude. 11:27am is a little too early to be drinking...

GLAD you chimed in. I don't drink.

Man, some of these comments smack of the same bandwagon drive-by shots given by so called Habs fans who want GM's, coaches,players and trainers all fired after every loss. Weak cheap shots. Weak character.

OK there, Mr. 16 Posts. Your evaluation of someone's character certainly carries a lot of weight. :lol:

It was fun to see Gabriel Grégoire at Gary Carter stadium yesterday. His boy plays with Saguenay who won a thrilling 14-12 10 inning game.

Pascal is turning 20 on spetember 21st. I assume his dad will invite him to the als game that day. :wink:

I answered Tom Higgins prayers even before he knelt down. Throw long passes all game long. You lost.