I want to see a Montreal-Saskatchewan Grey Cup!!

This would be awesome! the Alouettes vs the Roughriders... a First for this matchup!

Thats what i'm praying for!!!


I want revenge on the Argos.....BC Vs Toronto. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I want Montreal...anybody

Toronto vs. Saskatchewan

BC Vs Toronto nuff said

Why am I not surprised?

I'm totally, utterly and completely biased too.....Lions vs Toronto rocks!


Lions vs themselves, that's the only way they're not gonna win the Grey Cup. By beating themselves.

My choice as well even if the ARGOS lose. :thup:

Any one but MONTREAL. EDMONTON , will not be in it. :thup:

Sorry , I am very sick of seeing MONTREAL in the GREY CUP! If they do make it , it would be nice to see them win it for a change. :thup:

I dont want to see A Montreal Saskatchewan Grey Cup. The Riders do not have a very good track record against Montreal.

I dont care who is in the Grey Cup as long as the Riders win it!

If I can do anything to help make this come true, please, just tell me ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure third... start paying the refs in Vancouver off, and in montreal off..

money talks

Supermexx agrees!!!!!

This is very possible matchup for the 2006 Grey Cup Final.

Saskatchewan has BC's number, winning 3 of 4 regular season games. The regular season means nothing now, but that proves that Saskatchewan CAN beat BC.

Montreal proves it can beat Toronto, vice versa. To me, this years season series between them is split 1-1. I won't count the first game in Montreal a game, because Toronto's roster was a joke. But when they got their players back from injuries, they've been on a roll.

It all depends on who shows up, and who doesn't. Sjpuld be a interesting week, with both games that can go either way.

This match up that is the only East-West (traditionnaly speaking) combination that has never happened. (almost did in 2004).

Every team from the west has met every team in the east for the cup at least once, except for these two.