I want to make the playoffs and then let Porter do his thing

I believe Porter IS the future of the Ticats. I believe we can make the playoffs. I want Porter to be the guy we go to in the playoffs. But, and this is a big BUT, Glenn will be the guy who will get us into the playoffs. In the first part of the season, as we find our legs etc, it's the experience of Glenn who will help us win these tight games like last night. porter needs to be brought along, not sit on the bench for the whole game necessarily, but brought along while Glenn buys us time and wins.
By playoff time, Porter will be ready to rock and we will stand a chance to steal some wins.
We cannot afford to lose games like last night. We only have so many opportunities to beat the weaker teams in the league. We cannot let them slip through our fingers with weak, unispired starts like last night. Blame the defence in the first quarter, but if our offence had a couple of long drives, our defence would not have even been on the field.
We need to use Glenn's experience to buy us time and a few wins early in the season while Porter matures.

You're assuming the Cats can win with Glenn the way they played last night with Porter in? Glenn can't tackle and he can't make that open book of an offense any more non-deceptive than it already is. I'm not sold that Glenn would have compensated enough. Besides, the way Hage was snapping the ball last night, having a taller QB in the pocket was an asset.

From the what might have been department -- ticats.ca in 1972: "What if Ealey can't handle the pressure, better keep Gabler in." :wink:

Coddling the future for the present ensures there is no future. Developing a quarterback entails some bullet-dodging, I'm afraid.

Oski Wee Wee,

Porter needs the experience. He doesn’t get that sitting on the bench.

Starting Glenn does nothing to help this club. Once we want him to be pulled, we have to put Porter back in and see him go through his ups and downs. Let’s get the ups and downs out of the way now and maybe by the middle of the season, we will have a really good QB.

If this year is going to be another write off then just start Porter. You aren’t going to get much more than what we saw out of Porter, out of Glenn.