i want to life my dream

i want to play in the cfl but do i have to be drafted to play or can i go strait to training camp

........drafting is not the only way to get a chance to try-out..........teams have 'walk-on' try-outs where non-college players can show their stuff........

its live a dream ...not life a dream

or you can be chosen to kick a 50 yard FG for a million $$$, and get put on a CFL team negosiation list. :lol:

I think we know what he meant though.

Hey KK, your not the only one that can't spell.

i had to re-read it a few times, cuz it didnt make sense to me, but i felt like it should,....haha...

I'm in grade 9 and there are a lot of horrible spellers in my class. I get used to reading bad spelling.

One guy in my class just today spelled stupid "stuped".

see, I'm not aolne (did that on purpose) in my bad spelling after all!

hehehe ... stuped ... how fitting!

btw, BBFan12, I suggest you call the team, or check out their website... Find some way to get in touch with them, and ask ... I'm sure they'll be able to give you some info

Don't even worry about that kind of stuff right now. If you are in the 9th grade, you have a long long road ahead of you. Just keep practicing, keep working hard, and never give up ...

if you're good enough, you'll play highschool ... and then if you're good enough ... you'll play college or junior ball ... and if you're good enough ... you'll get drafted ... and if you're not - THEN you can try your luck as a walk-on ...

However, its worth noting - very, very few guys that were unable to turn heads at the college/junior level, will turn heads as a walk-on ... I'm not saying its impossible - its just a lot more difficult as a walk-on.

Just keep at it ... You are countring your chickens before you even have eggs ... The technical stuff will fall into place if its meant to be ...


sportyguy is the 9th grader ... I don't know how old BBFan is. But do keep in mind how few people make it to the CFL ... even top-notch NCAA players get cut. But it never hurts to try ...

.......as an alternative, you could move to Igloolik and spend the next ten years in training, running away from polar bears, throwing football shaped snowballs, tackling seals, etc, .........then one day this football scout's plane will experience a malfunction while it's crossing the arctic on it's way to europe........this scout, who will look like Kevin Bacon, will find you doing your training, and well, the rest will be history.......

Or you could try the Stamp Fan aproach, sounds a little goofy, just might work..
Starts off with you dressing up in a chicken suit and running on to the field of CFL play...
You could grab the Ball from the ref, and run down the field clucking like a chicken..
If your fast and a good clucker, the Stampeders might have a spot for you..lol..
If not..train hard and ask for a try out....crazy things do happen, just ask the Stamp fans..

...........hey, BBfan12, the way the Bombers are signing their FAs you could probably get a try-out this year......eight days and counting hank, good thing your GM finally managed to get a complete coaching staff put together.......

Yes it is good, now we can go shopping...

k im a 8th grader but im good for 3 positions for a team QB WR RB im insanely fast (thats what ive been told) but i probly have a long shot

You have a long way kid. fist off do well in school so you can go to university, and be able to slack off easily while working hard at football.

Second just have fun playing high school football next year, work on technique. Bunch of other posts on this

If you're only in grade 8, start practicing as much as possible. Play pick-up games, in a little while go to the gym to train but consult with a trainer or your phys ed teacher as of what would be right for you. Consult with your football coach as to what you could do to improve your game. Remember only the best players play professionally.

And to get to the big leagues the best route is through university or college ball so keep your marks high. Even if you're riding a scholarship you'll need good marks to get into any Canadian university. And if you make it there, even if you don't have a life ahead of football, you'll be able to get yourself an education which will be a big asset to have when you reach the age of 22 and beyond.

Knowing Taman you would have a chance!