I want this David Ball In

Prechae Rodriguez took some reps with the first team.

Sandy Beveridge was not taking reps at practice

Dylan Barker was in his in his spot.

Terry Caulley was not taking reps, maybe that is why

Kenton Keith re-appeared on the scene.

The trainer was evaluating him in a series of agility drills

He told him not to go so hard but Kenton said he only knows one way.

We winced a bit sometimes but he did really well, but of course,
teams are cautious about playing players who aren't completely 100%.

I found THIS WHOLE THREAD hard to read

And i don't want anyone rolling over in their grave but a post in all caps is harder to read.

If we let Ball slip away and hes a great receiver, I will be very mad! Remember he is famous for breaking his college records which Jerry Rice once held! Hmmmm that makes him some thing eh?

Timmy Chang set a bunch of records too...and he was definitely something...

Yes the same the 2 who had Cobb on the practice squad to start the season and Glenn as a backup all year. Who knows what other mistakes they have made in evaluating talent.

While I like Cobb alot, I still not convinced that he's bettre than Keith or Caulley.

So I don't think it's a mistake in evaluating talent, I think it's a strength since we are so deep at QB and RB.

see Capt… you and I can agree on something…

while i certainly felt Cobb was a lot better than Boreham girl thought when he initially showed up in Hamilton, I also feel that his blocking is suspect when he is kept in to protect the QB

I d like to give Caulley a chance to complete the circuit he started lastyear en route to brilliance… remember- he was “almost” good enough to make us forget Lumsden WHO? :wink:

At the risk of hijacking this thread, and this applies to Ball as well, what I like about this team (that's shown flashes) is that it's a great young inexperienced core that should get really good in a year or two or three.

Porter ( when he's ready ), Cobb, Ball, Johnson, Barker and last but not least Bellefeuille. We should not forget that as a HC he is a rookie and is most likely learning a lot, and I'm not just referring to the QB situation.

The Cats can't play football with just one ball. :roll: