I want the right teams to win, so the Esks miss the playoffs

It's important that the right teams win, so that the Esks have a lesser chance of making the playoffs!

having the Argo's win tonight was the best thing for the CFL, means a little less likely the Esks can cross over to the East!

Calgary's Win last night meant, a little less likely the Esks will get 2nd place!

Now if the Riders win tomorrow, then thats great! cause its a little less likely the Esks will catch them and make the playoffs!

We need certain teams to win certain games to keep the Esks on the bottom and out of the playoff Race!!

My biggest concern is the Stamps, but next best is the Esks missing the playoffs ... I don't think there is a crossover this year, is there?

The only teams we need to win are, in this order:

Because with a 3-15 record, I don't think they'll make it.
On the other hand, though, I really don't want Calgary winning that much, cause if they do, Saskatchewan has less chance of finishing second. . .

As for the cross-over, I heard that they weren't doing it at the season's start, but they seem to have brought it back, because they want the 6 best teams playing for the cup.

if Winnipeg doesn’t start winning, and they should, then the EE could take their place in the East. Hamilton needs to pick it up too.

wouldnt rider fans hope the eskies beat the stamps back-to-back?

i mean, that would bump the eskies to 5-6 and still last in the division, but it would also lower the stamps to 6-6.

if the riders take both from winnipeg, this would have the riders at 7-5 and in second in the divison ( maybe tied for 1st, depending on how the lions do agains tthe Als ), and on course to that elusive home playoff game.

I don't think the Riders will take both - a split is probably more realistic.

Personally, I would like to see a split between Calgary and Edmonton, too....keeps Edmonton in the basement, and keeps Calgary within sight.....

well, the riders do play winnipeg the day before the stamps play edmonton....

so if the riders convincingly take game one, then do u start to cheer the eskies in both games, jm02?

lol - I refuse to commit to anything at this point.....can I get back to you on that?? :smiley:

as if i have a choice..haha

just say the riders do land that home playoff game....do u think every rider fan on this forum would buy tickets, or would they stay at home after years of bickering?

would it sell-out in a day?

To be honest, I probably will.....it pains me to say it, but yes, IF the Riders win convincingly over Winnipeg this weekend, I then become a cheerleader for the Eskies.....can't believe I just wrote that.....

I know I'd be going to a playoff game if it happened. I think it would sell out quickly, too, not necessarily a day, though.....I mean, it's been 18 flippin' years since we've had one.....

over at bclions.com, they have a video clip of an interview with bob singh ( o linemen bclions ), and he is asked how he keeps his hair so perfect...his reply:

i wash my hair with pert-plus, i dont just use soap like regina people....ouch!

Go Eskies!

If we got a home playoff game, I'd spend a lot of money to be at that game. . . And I would hope that it would be a sell-out. You bitch about wanting one for this long, and you don't go to it? That would just be retarded.

And Yes, I think Edmonton should win the next two games. After that, I wouldn't mind if both Alberta teams lose out the rest of the season. . .


It won't happen, but it would be nice...