I want some cuts

I don't know about all of you out there, but I for one look foward to hearing the cuts. i dont know why, but it makes me excited knowing the tem is getting better and better. With the talent amasses already, im kinda hoping the cuts come soon. Sooner the cuts, sooner the season. And i hope some players get cut but lets not get into that...although amny of you can probably guess....

I HATE cuts. Worst time of the season for me

what so good about cuts?

I have to agree with BGirl on this. I hate cuts. It is a difficult time for players, and for coaches. Having over 25 years coaching experience (minor hockey) I have had to make many cuts. I didnt enjoy that time. Ive been on the recieving and as well. You do your best but it still doesn`t cut the mustard. You really feel like crap then. TCMIK :frowning:

if it were up to me, id keep every player thats in training camp, i hate hearing about cuts, i like to hear abuot contract extensions and signing! r u sick@!

I'm with the rest of you. I hate hearing about cuts. I understand it is necessary, but it isn't something I look forward to at all.

Cuts are good...it means we're closer to the start of the season.

Let's get it going!!!

They Maybe cuts After the Scrimage Tomorow.
there are Normaly

They are posted the next day Normaly

These guys are professionals, and so none of us "enjoy" seeing "cuts".

On the other hand, competing teams are probably salavitating for some of the "cuts" we might be forced to make.

Just as likely, coaches need to make "cuts" in order to focus on the players that will be the core strengths of this years team, and the other guys, no matter how good, are simple distractions.

And after that, if we lose a key player to injury, its so much easier if you haven't cut anyone.

This, then is where Marshall, Paopao etc al get paid the big bucks to evaluate and plan, and they will certainly not come public with their thoughts...but you can see this team is full of talent, and I'm trusting the coaches at this point to know how to handle this...but its going to be very small and precise points that earn one a starter job, versus a backup, practise roster or release...

I agree and there is always players cut you dont agree with. Iam glad I dont have to make the cuts or its not me being cut.

I dont understand you people. Cuts show the teams improvement. Imagine tommorow the upset there would be if the team cut..lets say..Adriano Belli! Everyone would be shocked, perhaps angry. but then you would realize..someone better took his spot. Everyone wants the team to improve. I wnt to see some cuts so we will know just what exactly the team might look like. Sure its bad to see some players go but their professional athletes. People get cut and traded all the time. Their used to it. Most people on the ticats were cut from some team or another at some point. Theres something like 23 or 24 Americans who were all cut from NFL trading camps. So lighten up people.

If a player is cut before even playing in a pre-season game
that indicates nothing about team improvement

it merely indicates that he has no chance
of making the team.

The coaches have rated him so far below
other players at his position that

it would be better to give them his game reps.