I want my money back now!

After witnessing the game last night in the stands. It is obvious that the players and the coaches have given up. I have shelled out a lot of money for seasons tickets to watch a professioanl football team compete. Well I have not seen any professioanlism from this sorry bunch and I have not seen any competition. I feel like I have been ripped off and I want me money back.

Don't say that I am a bandwagon jumper. I have sat through a 2-16 season and a 1-17 season and still managed to cheer for the team. With this team there is nothing to cheer about. They are pathetic, sad and a joke.

The beginning of the season there was hope. they were playing well and there was reason for optimism. But now. Forget it. I stated it back when they were beaten by Winnipeg 29-0. This team $**Ks bad.

I hope the people that keep saying that the team needs time to gel or come together finally get their collective heads out of there butts and see what this team is. A sorry excuse for a professional football team.

If this post gets band, I really don't care. But Bob, I have said that I will not be renewing my seasons tickets for next year. Now I just want my money back for this year. I can't sit in the stands and stomach what is being displayed on the field. I feel like I have been duped.


you call yourself a fan. puchhh!! im ashamed that we were ever in the same stadium together!

well you cant have your money back, so there. :stuck_out_tongue:

go cry yourself to sleep baby!

Take the time off that you need. A sensible person would. If you feel the passion rising again then come on back.
Don’t let the anger over something as small in the big picture of life as a football team ruin your days.
This also means that you need to let go of the desire for a refund. Tickets to a game or a season are a gamble. You feel that you lost so you did. Time to move on- that’s all.

.....more misguided Ticat fan comments.
Someone pours their heart and money out and you make fun???????
Brox, I'm with you 2 more tickets will be available in Box I at years end.
Unless Bob and crew really come up to give me a reason to stay. This wasn't the charity of my choice the past 2 seasons.
Sorry but it's not worth the drive to Hamilton anymore except to visit family.




I can't imagine how the Leafs fans must feel year after dismal year. Season ticket holders since 1968 keep supporting that dreadful team with little hope of ever winning the cup. Perhaps they love the game itself. Maybe as fans,they believe that this will be the year. Perhaps they're all delusional? As a Bruin fan, I do pity them but as a lover of the TiCats, I do understand them.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Hey Pat- I'm a Bruin fan too. It's been over 30 years for us as well so I'm not pitying Leaf fans too much these days.

I hate Montreal goalies!

Hey Mark,I was being "ironical". Thanks to Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting)
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I know how you feel Brox. I was ready to leave at half time last week, and it will be difficult to show up again this weekend. This team has been bad this year, particularly at home.

My favourite statement by management this year: The reason for higher concession stands prices is to pay for the higher quality product on the field. Boy were they ever off base on that one!!

I don't see the rest of the year being a lot of fun. This organization has blown it once again. It will be interesting to see if this will start to have an impact on the fan-base that has returned to IWS. It's too bad we weren't winning, with the crowds we have had. It's just a real shame.


:lol: :lol:

Hey brox,
Yes that was pretty much the wimpiest lamest and most stomach turning performance by any sport team ever. I even moved from my usual South side hangouts and sat right behind the Cats bench for this so called game. I stayed for the whole 60 minutes. I would take 60 minutes of teeth drilling or a rotating wheel of workboots in the crotch before ever wanting to see anything remotely close to that. We are all very ill.
However, exciting changes ARE going to take place between now and next June. The new GM hiring has sent a firm indication that we are going to be very serious about competing again. It will take time to clean up the gigantic mess, but I see that the ticats finally ARE serious. It is disappointing that it took that pasting to get moving, but if that disgusting embarrassment is what broke the camels back then it just might have some good afterall. Keep the faith fellow fan, we all know that you were speaking from your black and gold heart!

You know, it's funny! Last year, after a terrible season, people were saying "Bob young has to really do something to keep me around!"

Then he went and got Jason Maas, Brock Ralph, James Cotton, Josh Ranek, Corey Holmes, Terry Vaughn-- Not to mention a significant tweak to the coaching staff with Paopao and company.

At the start of this season, can anyone remember the optimism? Do we recall the pats on the back we gave Bob then?

So it backfired and we turn on Bob like rabid dogs. He made a herculean effort, folks! It's not as if he was sitting around all off season! Show some class!

I have tried to eat 3/4 of a pizza before and then told the chef it was garbage. You decide whether or not i got my money back.

Did you mention you were a holder of 4 box seat season tickets and a die hard Cat fan? I suspect, like here, you would have received preferential treatment even if your bitching was out of line.

im sorry - lets refund everyone that is dissapointed with this seasons team.