i want a job w/ mlse - if i just agree w/ popp i wont get fired !

trestman is getting 600k this yr for not coaching argos ST coach should be driving a tow truck - he is so bad chappy is terrible and cannot call off plays nor dream them up cc has made mistakes calling or not calling time outs cc has made mistakes w/ challenges why is macbeth still qb ? franklin REFUSED to sign extension but popp cut bridge ? hhhmmmm he has better arm, better legs, is a gta guy, 6'5" 235lbs - size of most line backers ... fire em all and give to players - players alone can be better than 1-9
no excuse to miss playoffs in east - no excuse…at all

I would have liked to see Bridge get a shot, but its water under the “bridge” now.

Mike O’Connor MUST be given a legitimate chance to be the STARTING Canadian QB for the Argo’s in the next season or 2

fire popp franklin/macbeth - lots of $ tied up in those 2 qb and if frnklin wont sign ext and argos wont make playoffs why bother keeping them ?
hire back bridge and have 2 cdn qb's in the stable
i still recall bridge running in 2017 east final - he would make an excellent SB and have 2nd qb on field once in a while

Yah I don’t get what the main problem is with Bridge. Sure he has shown some inaccuracy, but I say join the club with that complaint. He’s young has great size and can run. You would think some self appointed QB Guru Coach could work with him to improve his deficiencies. Look at Fajardo or Adams, they’ve been kicking around the League at list three years learning and are now seeing their break out year. Maybe Bridge isn’t a good locker room guy. Must be something. I mean supposedly you look for QB’s for the CFL who have a gun for an arm, can run and if they have size that’s a bonus. He checks all those boxes. Then why can’t they coach him to put it all together? Is he another Michael Bishop?

i just remember his performance vs argos in 2017 east final - almost beat argos - thank goodness for ricky ray
and what is really odd is that popp has cut bridge twice [1st time in mtl cause bridge refused to take pay cut]

ivan. …what has Bridge done since the 2017 EF?

bridge BEAT argos in regular season in 2017
bridge played and won as starter in ssk in 2018
argos were 4-14 in 2018 w/ very expensive franklin / macbeth


Here are Brandon Bridges 2018 stats. Impressive. Why the love affair?

  1. he is cdn and local gta guiy
  2. he is very big 6'5" 235lbs [size of most lb]
  3. very mobile

gotta strong arm - has some accuracy issues which i think can be helped w/ a qb coach tootiledge
i would rather see him and o'connor qb rather than the very expensive frank/macbeth

argos were 4-14 last yr
this yr 1-9 so far
something is very wrong in argo land
and why did popp sign him unless just for show

Perhaps go on the Alouette forum and rip Khari Jones for cutting him earlier this season.

oh and argos are 5-23 inclusive of last yr
yeah macbeth and franklin are really the answer ..... lol

If Bridge was so good, why has no one signed him since his release from Montreal ?

Well whoever is allowing O’Connor not to get thrown into a mess. & go old school & allow him to learn.
Imo thats why Bridges career went sideways.
Early on even as a rookie he was thrust into start some games with a Horrible Als team at the time
Then his time in Sask. Chris Jones was A CZAR.
all his resources were spent on Defence. Handcuffing the offense. With less than players. & be super conservative & not mess things up. An ego trip as he was given so much power & his Super Defense could win a GC on its on.