I Volunteer

now i can nail a 50 yrd field goal, YES, nail it. so ive decided to go out to surrey one day and just kick field goals b4 a lions practise, maybe wally will see me and realize, "holy crap, duncan must really suck" so expect to see me kicking field goals sooner or later...

Go for it!
While you are at it, send a video clip to Saskatchewan. They don't like the job McCallum does either.


Now, how’s your punting?

Send a tape to Edmonton, you know you will make the most here... lol

punting.. 30 yrds with hang time

...what sort of facemask would you wear?....... a gimpy one bar set at an angle so it just about touchs your collarbone?.........

Kicking a field goal on your own is much different then kicking a field goal in front of thousands, while dealing with an opposing team.

Oh, come on. Don't steal his thunder. I say if he can kick a 50-yarder, let 'er rip!