I truly hope....

...Calgary's 'ONE' campaign stands for more than number of wins we hope to get this year...

Its still one more win than my team

...I propose anything to do with the stampeders be relocated to the Off-Topic area...

for how long

Until they start playing some football.....

Then I guess the Stampeders are destined to become the hottest topic in off topics :twisted:

Maybe they should be renamed renegades :twisted:

Or perhaps the dumpster....?

Well I hope you did not expect anything different from the previous game now did you. I thought this would be a bad one as well and I guess I was right.

…whereas I thought the tight turnaround would produce a different team, one with some corrections made to the pass protection and some more use of Reynolds…oh well, early in the season I suppose…

I thought Calgary would rebound,(and even win) if anything they would lose a close one.

That hurt!

Sorry if I do not laugh but that one was not funny to the Renegade fans.

you have a point

But it's a lot easier to take when said as a joke.

Assuming you only meant it as a joke. :oops:

of course.

Actually, it was meant as a freindly jibe at calgary, didnt think of Renegade fans feeling :oops:

Can you imagine they would be getting out their worn out paper bags again to wear.