I told you SOOOOOOOO!!

Last year at this time.
I said there is a reason why riders,bombers,and gades never get better.
It shows again this year.
They don't do anything in the off seasons.
Lets see Toronto signs 2 new QBs.They also sign Stokes.
Montreal does some changes.Edmonton leaves their team the same(Why change when you are the champs).
Ti-cats get a new Q.b.
B.C. should be doing something new.
Besides the Ticats.It is the same old song and dance.The same contenders.Theother are pretenders!!!!!

What are you saying that the Riders, Bombers and Gades are doormats! You never know that could change!


Are you ever going to post somethig that doesnt knock some one?

If you noticed she left off the Stamps I guess she is a closet Stamp fan!

You're kidding right ro?? That is all she knows how to do.

The lions are not doing much either and are on teh verge of losing singh it seems so to lump them in with the teams that will be contenders because of their offseason moves is not true. Dickenson will get smacked around a lot this year and I have no doubt that he will get injured. Also do you really think that McCallum is a big upgrade to o'mahony?

Mada over the years ( believe me I am not a Wally fan) Wally teams going into the season usually show weaknesses and then out of the blue he pulls a player or two out of the hat and fixes the problem. BC did not win 11 straight for nothing these guys can be replaced.
On Saskargo you guys are being hard on our resident viper! And remember it is not fun changing those diapers. Billy she is saving them for your driveway!

Hey Saskargo... since you know it all, what's up with O'Shea?... Argos don't want him anymore?

Roro1313 am I wrong with my statement.Just calling it like I see it.
Hey Turd on the TSN free agent tracker.It said they signed Mikey.

We finally signed Singh....Although I'm still impatient about the slowness of finding a Linebacker to replace Simpson. RW2005 points out correctly that Wally seems to pull players out of the hat. One more Lineman and a Line backer would make me feel good going into the season....right now...its wait and see!

Hmmm I noticed Saskargo has included WInnipeg and Ottawa in the same boat.....She's been reading some of KK's and others who are planning Grey Cup routes on Portage and Main.......Saskargo, are you lumping the Bombers and Riders together now?

Being wrong or right is not the issue. The issue is the fact that you never post anything that does not knock someone.
Try an actual football post! You might like it!

Who do you suggest the Riders go after saskargo? They didn't need any new defensive players, and there was no good quarterbacks or receivers on free agency besides Thurmon and maybe Stokes, but Stokes is hardly a receiver, he is mostly just a return guy. I wouldn't bring someone in just to return kickoffs.

First of all Green.
Getting rid of Paul only hurt your team.
Second of all,ever heard of trades.Trade Kieth,Nealon.You would be able to get something in return.
This is my point.
Besides of getting rid of Paul.Your team hasn't changed.How do you expect to get any better.
This goes for Ottawa and Winnipeg too.
Ti-cats went out and got Maas.Is he the answer?No,however they got a whole lot better!!!

in regards to the Ti-cats "great" off season deals...
didnt they accually aquire Maas last year, maybe not officially but...
you know. :roll:

The Riders have not built there team on free agents because honestly no one wants to come here now, or before Shivers and Barret came here. No one wants Greene, and no one wants Keith. Add to this list of free agents the Riders have picked up if you want but here is a short list of credible ones.
Greene, Crandell, Childress
Everyone else has been drafted or scouted by Shivers and Barret, that is what they are doing right now.

I see where you are coming from with the McCallum comment but at the same time he is what 37 years old. He has lost his touch with his field goal kicking, and the only thing that he really has going for him is his punting. I personally would rather have depth at another spot going into a game then at kicker. I am concerned about the kicking duties going into this year, but at the same time I think that it was the right decision.
As far as trades goes, who would want Kenton Keith? He got beat up last year (or so the rumor goes) for sleeping with one of his teamates wife, and steals from his own team. Even if he didn't have that against him, who would give up a good quarterback for a running back? They are a dime a dozen.
The Riders tried making a deal for Joseph, but it didnt go down.

green, the Esks traded Jason Maas for Troy Davis. They might not have done this with a team from their division, but then again, they could've...

I'll admit though that this is uncommon.

So what should one do when it can't trade for a QB and can't get the free agent it's after?... How about grooming your own young QBs? That's what most teams do. Had Shivers brought some young prospects in Regina, he could at least say he's looking for a talented youngster to develop. But will we believe that went he ain't bringing anyone in?

On that note third, I do wonder what Rocky Butler is doing with the Riders. He's been on the team forever, yet has never really played at QB. All he's really done is hold for McCallum last year, which he did poorly and contributed to McCallum's struggles. The kid should get one more chance to show he's at least the QB of the future, and if he's not, he should be off the roster. But as rw05 likes to mention, shiv's too busy playing craps down in Vegas to care about who's going to be playing for the riders this year, so I'm going to wait until the '07 season to begin to think the riders might be worth anything.

True. You can't stay the third QB eternally. If you can't sucessfully climb to being second-string after a few years, then chances are the team prefers never having to rely on you. Then you should free up a roster spot for someone else with potential.