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Anyway Herb is petty straight forward in this article

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The players saw the same thing I did. Trestman has problems balancing the offense. As long as he refuses to mix his play calling better, we aren't going to win another championship. SJ brings some points as well regarding the lack of killer instinct of this team and a lot of that goes on coach as well. that field goal from the four yard line was the wrong call, had they punched it in they would have gotten momentum back. You have a guy like Jennings who is an NFL calibre RB and your playing a defense that hasn't been able to stop the run all season and you throw half your playbook in the gatorade container you are going to cause your QB and the Oline all kinds of trouble. This team was good enough to win and was terribly let down by the entire coaching staff this year. They all took turns IMO. Yesterday they all got their arz handed to them by Milo,Jones and O"Shea.

Absolutely bang on. The coaches let the team down.

Reading some comments, I wonder why the Owner does not get rid of all the coaching staff.


Why did Trestman/Brady abondon the the run (Jennings) after the first half? He was close to 80 yards rushing with a TD and was seldom used in the 2nd. And at that point the Als were up 17-10.
This is not the first time Trestman/Brady have done that. Opting for the "BIG" play instead of taking what is there.
Milanovich certainly took advantage of the option/run and pass.

And for ST... this has been non existant for 3 years now with Bischoff. 5.3 return yard average this season, lowest for the Als since 1975. If this is not a problem, then I do not know what is.

Reading some comments, I wonder why the owner does not get rid of all the players. Blind faith in people just because they're coaches is not any better or more justified.

I'm not saying fire Trestman, obviously (and he just signed an extension, so it wouldn't happen even if we wanted it to). But Bischoff and Reinebold? It is absolutely, 100% fair to question them after the performance of their respective units this season. Bischoff in particular, since as Hfx has noted, he's been ST coordinator for three years and the unit just keeps getting worse.

OK, I'm weighing in on this one.

We were not always consistent on O this year. All those uncharacteristic drops by seasoned veterans was mind-boggling. However, the boys still found a way to put enough points on the board to secure Ws. Once again, we didn't use the run game nearly enough, even though 3 RBs proved their worth - Whitaker, V. Anderson, and Chris Jennings. Changes needed? Yes, some to be sure, but we have the players to get the job done.

The trouble with the Als this year was definitely the D. The 3-4? Flush it! John Bowman dropping back into medium coverage? Bizarre! He is a DE and is most effective when doing that job! Chip Cox lining up on the D-line - sort of! - bizarre! He does his best work at SAM or MLB. We need more down linemen to ensure contain. Vanilla zone? How many times did we get torched this season, even with opposing rookie QBs at the helm? Our secondary was suspect all season long, and all OCs knew it.

So, either Reinebold changes up his D schemes for next season, or we need another DC. Some adjustments (not too many) are also required on O. The players in the article are sounding off, no doubt because of sour grapes following a L, but likely because they never really bought into Reinebold's schemes, or actually tried to implement them just to find out they weren't effective. Basically, that's what most of us on this forum have been saying all season long.

Players are sounding off because they're frustrated. Not just D players, either. Bourke was pretty blunt about his opinion that we didn't run the ball enough against Toronto. Just baffling when you consider that Jennings tore them up in the first quarter and Toronto has had trouble stopping the run all year long. If I'm John Hufnagel or Dave Dickinson, I am attacking the Argos on the ground every which way I can.

In any case, Reinebold broke things that didn't need fixing (Cox, Bowman, 4-3 alignment) in order to build something that didn't work. Let's also not forget his poor assessment of personnel. Hunt not canned until five games in when Cash was languishing on the practice roster. Belated recognition that we couldn't run a true 3-4 with one nose tackle, thus the switch to two DTs midseason. Playing Osaisai for most of the season. Taking forever to move Parker inside. Taking our best pass-rusher and dropping him into coverage. Moving our all-star SAM linebacker away from the LOS on many plays. And of course, the ultra-crappy (because predictable) man/zone combo. If you wanted a first down, you either attacked the intermediate or deep middle of the field, or you went deep on the corners (who rarely had safety help because of the scheme). You could also nickel and dime the D all day long by picking on the field-side corner with quick outs, because our DC never had the secondary in a position to be ballhawks and make plays. Check-released running backs also gave us all kinds of trouble, particularly on hooks and shallow crosses into the flats where the DB in man coverage had already vacated and the rest of the secondary were playing zone inside and farther up the field.

Like, seriously, this was the same bad movie over and over again the whole season.

I would hope that the coaches (including Trestman) are evaluated after the season just as the players get evaluated.

Unless you have won the ultimate prize which should be the goal at the start of TC, then there is work to be done. Areas for improvement, on and off the field.

The timing could not be more perfect for Calivillo to retire. McPherson has been waiting and now he is a free agent AC can retire and they can lock up the guy that they seem to want as the heir to the throne. Except suddenly I get the feeling that Montreal after investing time and money to keep Mcpherson does not think that he is right for the job.
SO Als fans I will ask you. Is Mcpherson still the guy they want to replace Calivillo ? If not him then who?
AC is having shoulder surgery on the shoulder he injured it was announced today. If he was going to retire would they have even announced that he was having surgery

What I was most disapointed in was that Trestman spent the last month of the season changing his offense to better integrate a north/south running game and add weight to the LOS IMO that was brilliant because the CFL has always been a rock/paper/scisor kind of league and right now most teams have gone to lighter faster. But what do they do against the worst run defense in the league or one of ? They open up the game and Jennings is killing it and then inexplicably the whole thing gets thrown out god knows where ???? I was expecting Trestman to start using Jennings as a decoy to open up Devine and go back and forth forcing the Argos defense off balance. I was extremely disapointed with Trestman. Yes the defense gave up its average of 27.2 per game but we left points on the board and we didn't control the ball the way we should have. In fact the best job of the bunch might have been ST with that fake kick. Trestman owes us an explanation IMO.

If he gives one, please let us know . :wink:

I certainly agree with this. I don`t expect an explanation, but Coach Trestman has to get out of his comfort zone and get more imaginative with his offense. I definitely expected more use of Devine on Sunday.

I think i big fact that a lot of people are overlooking is that This is the first season that Trestman has been without Molanovich. Milanovich jumped from QB coach in 2007 very quickly to OC in 2008. I am sure by last season he entrunsted Milanovich to do things that he had to do this year while training Crandell fromQB coach to OC.

You must mean Marcus Brady ? I just think Trestman lost his nerves.

Yes meant Brady thanks. It was the first time that Trestman and Montreal saw themselves in the playoffs could have had a lot to do with the loss. It is great for the league that Trestman disciples are beginning to spread there wings to other teams. With the Argos getting over the Hump and run the offense up to its potential should make for some great games next year between Toronto and Montreal

This whole season reminded me of 2004.

Allen with the broken leg against us. Ray with the knee injury. Both coming back.

Milo vs. Trestman. Clemons vs. Matthews. The apprentice outclasses the master.

AC injured and out. AC with 2 INTs. Both were one time playoff occurences.

26-18. 27-20.

51,276. 50,112

2012 was less of a disappointment because I didn't really expect the als to finish first while in 2004 we were 12-1 and looked poised to play in Ottawa.

AC will be back unless his body tells him otherwise. I wouldn't let one game sully what he accomplished this season. 2 more cfl records broken at an age where I'd like to see other QBs try to break them.

Go AC Go.

[i]This post is a beauty Senior! When Johnny sees your psychoanalytic Freudian influenced diatribes, Johnny thinks YOU have heard it before. In your case, it AIN’T just a cigar…

There is always a looney in the bin who thinks he is running the place…[/i]

Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:48 pm

Way to Go Argooos

It all makes sense now! Senior Ah Me is actually an Argonauts fan! That's why he's been wanting Calvillo out; so that there would be less competition in the east. It's not because he's a complete moron (although I'm not ruling out the possibility!), it's because he's been cheering for Toronto this whole time!

I'm glad we've put that mystery to rest. Hopefully he stops posting here, and goes back to the Argos forum now. :slight_smile:

Re: McPherson to Toronto

Postby Senior Ah Me » Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:13 pm

Niagara Als wrote:Had I been McPherson, I would have not signed that 2 year contract. Had he not done so he would have been a free agent in 2012. Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg would be all begging and, offering him big bucks. I did read some where ( yesterday I think ) that Trestman is delighted to have AC back as the # 1 QB and, he will remain so. I believe McPherson missed a great opportunity to actually have QB playing time and, I cannot comprehend his signing of that 2 year contract. Surely he must have had some huge promises to actually sign such a deal. If so, the Als management really screwed him. What McPherson has not had is playing time nor, practice as first string QB time. I disagree with the above notes that suggest McPh is not good enough to be first string. In replacing AC when AC took time away due the illnes in the family, AD did a quality job. We have seen too much of AD to believe he is not a highly capable QB. My question would instead be- has McPherson's talents been eroded by his inaction the past couple of years. I believe the team was on the beginning of a downside in 2011. I hope my limited info/perceptions are wrong. Otherwise my 2012 perception of the Alouettes is TILT !!!!!

Very well put
Agreed on all counts
Including wondering if McPherson's talents are eroding...sitting on the bench

He signed with the Alouettes because he's seen Calvillo's career, the respect and opportunity to play for a class organization...and he wants that for himself and the stability for his young family.
What he doesn't realize is that if he's going to repeat Anthony's 18 year career, he's going to have to play 'til the age of 46...not very likely...especially for a talented running quarterback.

AD knows the window is closing...and 2012 may be his last chance to prove himself in this league.
If Trestman, Calvillo and Popp dig another McPherson pit for him to camp in in 2012...you can bet he'll be gone like a shot...immediately after. And if Calvillo continues to start...and is as inconsistent as in 2011, the divisions in the locker room will only continue to widen.
Mathieu Proulx hinted at those tensions 2 years ago when I quizzed him about McPherson.
He seemed sure AD would take off when his contract ran out.
I guess he must share Niagra's confusion at his re-signing.

I case anyone is wondering
After a body of work that proves my devotion and love for the Alouettes
despite my intense frustration at their continued downward "trending"

For the record
That "Way to Go Argos"
Was sarcastic

and for those of you who still don't get it: