I Told You So

AC needs to retire
For the good of the team

0 Touchdowns
Numerous missed passes
Throw up the jump ball
And cross your fingers

Please AC
Do the right thing
And let this team start rebuilding
While we still have a future to hope for.

Of course, the whiner only shows up when we lose. :roll:

There were issues on all sides of the ball; Calvillo was far from the only one responsible for this loss. Go away and save yourself some grief while you can.

:thup: guess that was AC's fault when Bratton dropped the pass in the end zone. Or when DesLauriers treats the ball li'ke a hot potatoe. Or how Owens had over 200 yards receiving and Kackert ran all over the D.

Same comment as last year, AC is expected to play QB, Receiver, D and ST.

And lest no one misunderstand: we all know Anthony had a bad game. That's not in dispute. The problem, as it's been the whole year, is that there is no margin for error when Anthony does have a bad game, because other elements of our overall game (defense, special teams) are so consistently lacking. Anthony has not been consistently poor this season, but our D and ST have. When addressing the most glaring problems on the team, sane people would start by fixing what doesn't work the most frequently, and that's not Calvillo.

It's unfortunate...
But when someone has another vision for your beloved team
A drastic departure perhaps
Or simply standing pat
When you think things just aren't going right.
It's natural to react badly
Accuse them of betrayal...of not caring.

I've been as guilty as any
If I'm honest with myself
At times I've been frantic and frustrated
With what I've seen as a lack of vision
An incomplete and uninformed appraisal
Of talent and strategy.

I won't jump on the bandwagon
Now populated by those who now accost Jim Popp
In supermarkets...demanding to know why he cut someone
Who now stands to win 2012's MOP (perhaps)
Not to mention what he did against the Alouettes today
Let's face it...I built the dang bandwagon
Said my piece.

Same with what Avon Cobourne did for the TiCats this year
Two years after he was "too old" for the Alouettes
Granted the Ticats had a bad season
But for Avon's heart and multiple talents
The Ticats season would have been worse
Just as the Alouettes might have freed up an extra receiver
If they hadn't had to pull double tights all season
To protect their leadfooted QB.

Let's not even start on Andrew Hawkins...
Go Bengals

I won't talk about a quarterback who's effective skillset
Has been reduced to perpetual checkdowns
And The ever expected "jump-ball"
Something opposing teams have planned for to the extent
That every team in the cfl has at least one DB that matches our stilt-jockey's in stature
Negating that advantage in many cases.

No doubt few Montrealers
(except maybe the folks who forked out BIG BUCKS to watch another FAIL)
Will say this loss is Calvillo's fault
As I've tried to get across before:
The quarterback's job isn't to avoid a loss
His job is to do enough so that his team will win
He didn't
Point Final

What I want to talk about is the decline of the Montreal Alouettes
After winning 2 consecutive Grey Cups

It's time to start thinking young
The old ways served us well
Whether we agree that McPherson is the guy for our future
Or Not
It's time to face the fact that this team is in decline
And start planning on what to do about it.

Now we can always keep putting AC out there
Til he's sixty...what the hell
But the "the loss is all my fault" and "we weren't bla bla whatever last year against Hamilton"
Excuses are wearing very thin
AC is NOT getting the job done
Not enough to win...anyway
And while I respect the loyalty so many have shown him
It's time to start thinking about this team

For the Future
For the Alouettes


AC was terrible today.

No argument, but as I said, the D was also terrible, and overall this season, I don't think Trestman and Brady did Calvillo any favours with their redesigned playbook. It's like Trestman forgot how to run a West Coast offense. All the deep shots and no balance with the run killed our ability to sustain drives.

When your QB isn't doing well, you need to get quick stops and get him the frackin ball back. Instead, we let Toronto eat up clock and/or put points on the board almost all the time after the first quarter. Basically, what Reinebold has done the whole season. Sad.

I was at the game and the D was flying everywhere and the offense did nothing with the opportunities and then AC started throwing interceptions. I don't know why we stopped running the ball. Jennings had 66 yards on his first four carries. Then Trestman decided to kick a field goal from the four yard line instead of taking a chance and tying the game or leaving Toronto to start on their goal line and give the defense the chance to stop them. Instead we took the 3 and Owens brought it back to the 51 yard line. Anyway. AC chocked today and we had the same problems as we've had all seasons calling running plays.

Um, what game were you at? The offense put up 10 points off the two turnovers forced by the D in the first quarter. After the first quarter, the D was awful. Couldn't stop the run or the pass, burned repeatedly on the deep ball but also unable to lock down the underneath stuff. No pressure on Ray. No disguise of coverage pre-snap.

I don't know why we stopped running the ball. Jennings had 66 yards on his first four carries.
Agreed, huge mistake to go away from Jennings.
Then Trestman decided to kick a field goal from the four yard line instead of taking a chance and tying the game or leaving Toronto to start on their goal line and give the defense the chance to stop them.
The defense hadn't stopped Ray since the first quarter, and they were likely tired. They gave up 400 yards to Ray and 130 to Chad F. Kackert. Don't know how you can defend them.
Instead we took the 3 and Owens brought it back to the 51 yard line.
Well, the D sucks, and so does special teams, so it's a bit of a bind for us. ;)
Anyway. AC chocked today and we had the same problems as we've had all seasons calling running plays.

[i]Senior is 100% correct! CALVILLO CHOKED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was plenty wrong besides Calvillo, but Calvillo sucked! :thdn: [/i]

AC choked, and he had help with that too. Delauriers CHOKED once again.
Bratton, CHOKED... ball in the numbers in the end zone and has it bounce off his pads and hit the turf.

ST as has been the case all season, no contribution to yardage whatsoever. CHOKE.

D Reinbold kept bringing the house and Ray picked it a part. Reinbold CHOKE.

Again AC did not have a good game and you can call it Choke. But for me the WHOLE team Choked including Trestman and his staff.

His apprentice Milanovich and his staff and team did NOT choke !!

Put another way:
There's no value to assigning blame.
Playing the blame game may make some people feel better
But it's never anything more than a short-term solution.

In war...leaders lead their troops to victory.
If they are too old, or have lost the drive to do so
They are replaced by younger, fiercer, more able commanders.
It's the way of things.
Otherwise people start dying.

Today...in a small way...thousands of Montrealers died...yet again.
And not the "Petit Mort" most had anticipated.
We all heard the booing.
The very echo that will haunt Travis Lulay's sleep tonight.

But the papers tomorrow will tell you Lulay's arm wasn't healed
Or he'd been out of the action for too long.
But the fact is...he's young...and hungry
And he'll recover...and get better.
And better.

What's tomorrow's excuse for Anthony Calvillo?
And is anyone suffused with the belief that it's just another lesson learned
In his upward spiral of success?
We've seen the best of AC.
No one in their right mind can deny that.

So what possible reason can there be for waiting any longer?
I gave AC his due after he won those 2 Cups.
Just as I blamed him for his 1-5 record prior to that.
Just as I can't help blaming him for two failed seasons.

Hopefully...as we digest this last defeat
And the probable repercussions of trailing our feet
On this essential issue.
Some clarity of thought will be brought to bear

On the crucial issue of AC's successor
And whether we're ready to continue to float in mediocrity as a team.
Letting the best hope for the future slip through our fingers.
Great talent lost to our CFL rivals
Yet again.

I Am .not suggestin AC retires but he was outplayed by Ray in a big game.
As for Magic Potion #9. He needs to go.

As for Reinebold he will get better. Tlo many injuries to take his job away.

I am really proud of the teams effort all season. thank you!

I'd like to give credit where credit is due.

In my perspective...the defence got a bum rap all year
This game was a perfect example.

If it wasn't Sean Whyte and his pop-gun leg
Giving the opposition great field position
Or the criminal continuation of that a$$hat as ST coordinator
They would have had a GREAT game

But worse than all of this:
Our offence under AC has specialized in putting our D in horrible field position all season.
I'm dissapointed that not many in the press or elsewhere
Have seen it...or seen fit to question it
Frankly I only heard John Bowman complain about it vaguely
As an expression of his exasperation
At the blame his squad was constantly getting.

These Argos were frankly ripe for the picking
If AC and the offence hadn't fracked up
With so many failed drives
The D would have cleaned up

I commend the defence of the Alouettes 2012
Both for their efforts under difficult circumstances
And for their stoicism
When no one...i mean NO ONE
Would take their side.

If the Alouettes can revamp on offence
I wouldn't touch a hair on defence
For 2013
Good job guys!!
AND coach Reinebold.

Seriously?! If you think Reinebold's defense is good, you needs to get out of your mudda's basement and take off your tin foil hat! Better medication would also help you...

Nobody would argue you on that point. I wholeheartedly agree that Ray rose to the occasion, and Calvillo did not.

As for Magic Potion #9. He needs to go.
He's 6'4'' but plays like he's 4'6''.
As for Reinebold he will get better. Tlo many injuries to take his job away.
I don't buy that TBH. His coverages are awful, easy to read pre-snap and easy to attack. We had our entire secondary healthy for the last third of the season but the coverage was never good enough. Even when the pass rush got to Ray, he was still finding open targets. Something is wrong with what Reinebold is doing. You and I both talked earlier in the season about his reliance on that man-corner / zone inside coverage, how easily "offensive juggernaut" Winnipeg picked it apart. What did I see yesterday? Pretty much the same thing. Huge gaping holes in zone coverage in the intermediate and deep middle of the field that Toronto exploited repeatedly. No attempt to bracket receivers on Ray's bread-and-butter routes (e.g. corner route). Reinebold had two weeks to prepare and his defense got torn up, to the tune of 400 yards passing and 135 yards rushing to Chad F. Kackert.
I am really proud of the teams effort all season. thank you!
I'm proud of the players for fighting right to the end. The coaches? Nope, not this year. They let the players down IMO.

Instead of making adolescent and flailing attempts at being cute
Maybe you could contribute something positive to the discussion

By addressing my contention that it was in fact the Offence
And Special Teams
That game after game placed an unfair burden
Most specifically in field position
And with untimely failed offensive drives.
On what had become by the end of the season
An aggressive and potentially dominant defence.

While it's understandable in some predicaments
To expect that everyone around one shares one's reliance on pharmaceuticals
For a (apparently) futile clutch at emotional stability

This is an illusion
An over-active EGO
Usurping and overwhelming an atrophied super-ego
(stop me if you've heard this one...I KNOW you have)

Stay frosty
The nice white van may yet be on it's way.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

A dominant defence? Are you kidding? We won 11 games this year 9 of those required the offense to put up 30 or more points and most of those wins were close ones. Of our 8 losses this year all of them were when the offense put up less than 30 points. To me this would indicate that unless the offense is really dominant beginning to end the defence and special teams could not perform at a level that would help this team win games on a consistent basis. So many times opposing QBs just tore the defence apart with little effort.

Im not saying the offense was incredible this year but of our three units it was the only one that ever gave us a chance at winning games this year on a consistent basis

Dominant defense. :lol: :lol: Seriously, there's no limit to his idiocy. :lol: