I TOLD YOU SO!!!! The Emperor is Naked!!!!


I've given every reason why the Alouettes are not the team they should be this year.

Now they've lost to the "lowly" Argos.

There is indeed NO arguing with success.

Guess that all changes!!!

Let's go Als

Adapt or die!!!!

Your weak Senior, you pick your targets after the fact. last week you claimed Cahoon was a liability, this week he caught everything thrown at him but you don't talk about that. You pick on "your" team while they are breaking in new players and playing with an injured QB.

They need people to shovel "stuff" in Pakistan or there are forest fires in Moscow you can go and help with, the GM job in Montreal is taken care of :wink:

Your weak Senior, you pick your targets after the fact. last week you claimed Cahoon was a liability, this week he caught everything thrown at him but you don't talk about that. You pick on "your" team while they are breaking in new players and playing with an injured QB.

They need people to shovel "stuff" in Pakistan or there are forest fires in Moscow you can go and help with, the GM job in Montreal is taken care of :wink:

Amazing how people who disagree with the message, but have no counter-arguments will resort to personal attacks. I certainly will not respond in kind.

I certainly will admit that Cahoon had a good game, and caught everything thrown his way. One got the impression that it was all too desperate, even last gasp....but whatever.
The Alouettes have some serious problems. They lost to the Argonauts....Don't blame me for either fact. I'm not the only one that's been yelling from the rooftops about WHY...before the fact....so accusing me of "picking" on my team after the fact is ludicrous. If you want to "rara" the Alouettes out of the playoffs then that is your right. But an intelligent discussion about what is going wrong might be more productive, certainly better for the team.

That absurd comment about the GM job is actually a veiled compliment, and I thank you. We are ALL arm-chair GM's after all, the minute we discuss the intricacies of the game, and how our team is faring within. I don't give a rats buttocks if you're offended by my "GM-ing". It's what we're here for after all.

In my capacity as anointed un-official GM therefore: I think I've spotted a flaw in the Alouettes offense that goes a long way to explaining why they've abandoned the run game. Trestman has stated more than once that Cobourne's main function is to protect the quarterback. With AC leading the league in getting sacked, Cobourne has been sneaking up to the line to block on almost every passing down. On what few running plays they have, Avon stands directly next to Calvillo. This is tipping off defenses, and showing our hand on almost every down.
They might as well have a direct feed into AC's helmet-phone.

As far as the Alouettes playing with an injured QB, they only have themselves to blame. Everybody and their turtle has noticed the Alouettes ignoring their backup QB's. There's no doubt AC wasn't 100%...probably wouldn't have played if they had a backup with over 30 minutes of real experience (game experience other than short-yardage plays and handing off the ball to kill the end of a game) This is another serious flaw with the team that I and others have been complaining about for almost a decade.

Bratton looked terrible returning the ball. I doubt he's 100% either. Chip Cox would be a better choice, especially with head-hunting coverage teams like the Argos last night. I was very impressed with that return against the Riders, would love to see more.

The Argos are a good team. We lost to a team that now shares first place with us. Why is this suddenly a reason to panic?

Oops! sorry about that! I must have hit the wrong buttons!

Your point about AC playing hurt, Senior, is quite correct. At this point in his career, AC could be out of commission for good with the next sack (God forbid!). At this point, the Als should be developing their next starting QB and backup. The only way to do this is "trial by fire", which is somewhat easier when the veteran is still on the sidelines to help "coach" the new guy.

Your other point about Cobourne is also correct - the Als are indeed "telegraphing" their run plays with the other AC, usually a smash-mouth up-the-gut play which goes for only a few yards, no yards, or a loss. Last week against the same Argos, the play selection was much more creative. Result? AC1 was left standing throughout the entire game and AC2 had a 100+/100+ night on both run and pass plays! Clear enough?

I don't see you as a GM, but an O-coach! Ha! ha!


The Emperor is on track to throw for 6000 yards (Calvillo)
The emperor is on track to rush 1000 yards (Cobourne)
The emperor is 5-2 trending 12-6
The emperor is in first place
The emperor is on track to catch 100 passes for 1000 yards (Cahoon)

Toronto’s special teams won them another game, it happens.

We need our Oline to gel, Richardson to concentrate and our dline needs an extra DT to rotate in.

I ask you all: did you think we were going to go 15-3 again? I think we've been spoiled by a decade of success, to the point where any loss, even when it's to a tough division rival in their own backyard, makes us push the panic button. But there are seven other teams in this league whose players and coaches get paid to win too. It's arrogant to think that victories, and lopsided victories in particular, are our God-given right as Als fans.

You have to respect what Barker is doing in Toronto. They played well last night, but like all good teams, including our Als, they were fortunate enough to get the bounces too. They also won the special teams battle which is pretty much what swung the game in their favor. They were desperate to win and prove they can hang with the beasts of the east and they succeeded. An Argo win doesn't mean we're in crisis mode.

To me, the biggest problem on offense is the line play. It seems like everyone is taking turns making mistakes, with Perrett and Lambert wearing the goat horns more often than you'd expect from seasoned veterans. I watched Perrett last night and it reminded me of the Hamilton game where he pretty much lost every one-on-one matchup he had. When your right tackle can't offer adequate pass protection, it's hard to execute. Yes, I know this is where certain folks will scream about Calvillo's lack of mobility, but it's stupid to expect your QB to scramble like a maniac every time he drops back to pass. Lambert has to make his reads better at the line, Perrett needs to remember how to pass-block for more than 0.3 seconds, and Woodruff simply requires seasoning at left guard. Until these issues are sorted out, the offense will continue to sputter (and let's not forget that 'sputtering' still produced 3 TDs and 500 yards of total offense last night).

And regarding the backup QB situation, I'll remind folks that McPherson didn't look good in preseason at all. Couldn't move the football, couldn't do anything except tuck the ball and run when the play broke down. Leak did a much better job of keeping the yardsticks moving. When Adrian is healthy, he obviously comes back on the roster at the expense of Santos, but he'll be rusty from weeks of inactivity. I think Leak is still the no. 2 until McPherson is back up to speed.

Leak has not had the chance really to show what he has to offer. Actually it might have been the time last night to test him at QB- as Edmonton has demonstrated , a change in QB during the game can have positive results. McPherson, last year demonstrated that he has the skill to QB regular games. As I recall, he played all of at least one game last year and, parts of others. He has showed that he is the man after Calvillo. For example look at his third down play last year- he made over 5 yards a carry [ a couple of very long such runs ] which he has the strength to accomplish ! He is big, well built and , can run with the ball, can pass in the pocket but, and also while on the run. When he will be healthy, McPherson could strengthen the QB positon with the Als.They could have used him last night.

I, too, am of the opinion that the Als should be giving some meaningful game reps to Leak and Santos (for now), and McPherson when he returns. I most definitely want to see both AC and BC in the Hall of Fame with a boatload of stats that will be hard to beat, if ever. So far, Santos and Leak have only been used in 3rd-and-short and closing already-decided games respectively. Neither of them will learn their art or develop that way. They have weapons (such as mobility) that could serve us well.

As the season progresses, I would like to see them come in to games at the half or even start a game or two. I know this is risky as this season is shaping up to be a shootout at the OK Corral for 1st place and Trestman would not necessarily want to gamble, but the backups have to learn their art sooner or later and a good QB must be able to deal with pressure. Football requires a “field general” and, arguably, the QB position is likely the most difficult to master, great talent notwithstanding.

Je crois que ce commentaire aurait pu se terminer au premier paragaphe.

Que Senior Ah Me fasse ses commentaires après la partie ou avant la partie, cela ne change rien. La partie a été jouée, et on peut dès lors y faire des observations. Il ne s'acharne pas sur les Alouettes : il fait des constatations et y revient lorsque le jeu des Alouettes confirment ses appréhensions passées. Qu'y a-t-il de mal à ça? On es des amateurs, pas des devins.

Les Alouettes sont nerveux. Ils font des erreurs mentales à la tonne, surtout à la ligne offensive. Comme plusieurs, j'aurias aimé voir Leak jouer ce match. Calvillo aurait pu être mieux reposé la semaine prochaine, et son doigt aurait récupéré plus vite. Il faudrait que les entraîneurs passent le message suivant : "N'essayez pas d'avoir une saison de 15-3 encore une fois. Elle ne reviendra peut-être jamais. Contentez-vous de jouer le prochain jeu comme il se doit."

On voit bien que les Alouettes en arrachent, mais ils ont toujours une fiche de 5-2. En fait, c'est à plus long terme que les inquiétudes se feront sentir. Les autres équipes s'améliorent, mais pas les Alouettes. C'est ça qui est le fond de l'histoire. S'ils veulent être au front en novembre, il va falloir que les morceaux se mettent en place bientôt, parce qu'ils pourraient se retrouver dans une fâcheuse posture.

Regardons sérieusement les équipes de l'est comme plus compétitives cette année, et surtout les Stampeders qui semblent avoir le vent dans les voiles.

J'avais prédit entre 11 et 14 victoires pour les Alouettes cette année, et ça semble se dessiner pour ça. Ce que je croyais, cependant, c'est que ce serait suffisant pour décrocher le premier rang. Je n'en suis plus si certain maintenant.

It is extremely difficult to repeat as champs. I'm not sure why everyone is surprised that the team has problems with focus. Last year's group was about as dominant a team as we've seen in a decade. You can't really improve on that per se. If you're the rest of the league, though, you can definitely improve and rebound. Calgary looks razor-sharp on both sides of the ball this year and an early candidate to play in the big game. But they had to experience the disappointment of not being able to defend their championship in 2009 in order to be who they are today.

Hfx's irritation with Senior Ah Me comes from the fact that the latter only cherry-picks stats after games that prove his point. I am not sure how anyone can claim that our offense is 'naked' after Calvillo threw for 440 yards and 3 TDs and we had the edge in time of possession. We gave up a 45-yard fake punt and not one but TWO kick return TDs, while our kicker missed a makeable FG that took three points off the board. That's a 16-point swing at minimum. Take away the ST errors and the final score is 24-23 Alouettes! Sure, the offense had its gaffes, most notably the Bratton INT (I refuse to saddle Anthony with yet another pick that occurred because his receiver couldn't secure a catchable football) and the Calvillo fumble, but it's not like we got shut out by the Argos.

The offense played well enough to win, as did the defense. Special teams lost us the game.

J'encourage les opinions.

En tant que fan des Als je ne suis pas obliger d'accepter des remarques irrespectueuses envers des hommes (pas juste athletes) de la trempe de Cahoon et Calvillo. Ils ont gagner le respect des amateurs et c'est un site pour les fans de l'equipe... De plus ils sont Champions, est ce qu'ils peuvent profiter de ce temps si court ? Les Als ne gagneront probablement pas la CG cette annee. C'est pratiquement pas faisable. Qu'on l'accepte.

Ils jouent du bon football (pas parfait) ils manquent de constance mais ca va se placer j'en ai confiance car ce n'est pas les memes joueurs semaine apres semaine qui sont dans le trouble. Une semaine c'est Damon, l'autre c'est Emry ou Lambert...

C'est beaucoup plus difficile pour une equipe de 15-3 de s'ameliorer qu'une equipe de 3-15.
C'est lourd d'etre champion de la Coupe Grey.
Les Alouettes on 18 matchs pour se "positionner" et s'adapter, tout le monde sait ce que les Als aiment faire.

Je m'excuse d'avoir perdu mon civisme mais j'ai bien du mal avec la mentalite de plusieurs "fans" d'equipe sportive a Montreal qui ont la memoir courte surtout quand leurs connaissances du jeu sont moyennes.

See he get's it :thup:
You are the man ! You much more eloquent than I :smiley:

Je veux bien comprendre qu'il s'agisse de quelque chose comme ça, mais il me semble que notre ami aurait pu simplement expliquer en quoi il n'était pas d'accord avec les explications de Senior plutôt que de l'invectiver. Cela aurait apporté au débat et peut-être amené notre ami Senior à réfléchir sur sa propre position, cheminement que je doute qu'il soit porté à faire en se faisant apostropher ainsi. Nous ne sommes pas tous des experts, et des arguments bien exposés aident les profanes que nous sommes à devenir de meilleurs observateurs.

Enfin! Chacun sa façon.

Concernant les Alouettes, il est vrai qu'il ne faut pas s'attendre à ce qu'ils reviennent d'Edmonton avec la Coupe: ça ne s'est pas vu depuis 13 ans et les Alouettes de 2010 ressemblent beaucoup aux Stampeders de 2009. Mais nous avons une bonne équipe, avec beaucoup de talent et d'expérience. C'est sans doute pourquoi les attentes sont si élevées: on sait de quoi ils sont capables. Je crois qu'on ne réalise que maintenant l'ampleur de la perte de Chiu et qu'il faudra se résigner à voir jouer une équipe qui devra se battre très fort pour son championnat cette année. Je me dis tant mieux, car si les Alouettes finissent en tête, cela fera taire les grandes gueules qui disent que les Alouettes se retrouvent en série seulement parce qu'ils jouent dans la division faible. Cette année, la division faible semble être l'ouest.

Je crois que les choses vont se placer à mesure que la saison va évoluer. La défensive s'est placée. En général, les unités spéciales ont fait du bon travail, alors sans doute que la dernière partie était leur accident de parcours. Il reste principalement la ligne à l'attaque et le jeu au sol à fignoler.

Je crois que malgré l'enjeu du match, Trestman aurait pu donner le match à Leak. Premièrement pour permettre à Calvillo de récupérer totalement de son doigt amoché, et deuxièmement pour voir Leak à l'oeuvre de bout en bout. Leak a de très belles qualités. Il peut bien passer, il peut bien courir, il a une assez bonne vision du jeu. De ce point de vue, on peut y voir un parallèle avec McPherson. Mais il y a une qualité de Leak que j'aime beaucoup : il est enthousiaste et le partage avec l'équipe, ce qui semble donner une certaine motivation aux joueurs. McPherson est plus du style cool et veut paraître en contrôle pour avoir la confiance des joueurs. Une partie complète à ce temps-ci de l'année lui aurait permis de grandir beaucoup. Étant donné la situation incertaine de McPherson, non seulement à cause de sa blessure mais aussi à cause de sa situation contractuelle et ses aspirations, il est très possible que l'avenir des Alouettes soit avec Leak plutôt qu'avec McPherson.

Attendons-nous donc à encore plusieurs surprises, des bonnes comme des mauvaises. Les Alouettes sont partis pour une autre belle saison, mais pas à ce qu'ils nous ont donné l'an dernier.