I told you P-rod won't win

Dressler won the Rookie Award ..
As Long Ticats don't make players we will win any Player awards.
P-Rod was good WR but Dressler was better

This gets just the tiniest bit boring to read, the "snivelling" about "we don't get no respect"...

P-Rod was not played enough this season to compete for a Rookie award, and that is probably the single reason he didn't get it. The Coaching of Saskatchewan that took a comparative "midget" like Weston Dressler and played him...where other teams failed to respect both his "heart" and his abilities and so allowed him to excel in his first season.

P-Rod is a super player who can only learn and contribute more.

Now here's the choice! Who threw the balls that he made such sparkling and substantial catches with? Answer that, and who do you want in serious contention for QB camp next year?

This Cat team is on the edge of being a "contender". If they want to stay there, they need figure out who are the keepers and who can be released.

Dressler was sent in for nearly every down from Game One, and broke a lot of games for Gang Green in 2008, and stayed healthy all through the year. Taaffe had good guys that he didn't play, and lost close games as a result.

Go figure who gets "awards" at the end of the year.

Big-Play's still a winner in my books.

Lifter, Dressler was a returner, and didn't dress at receiver until injuries occurred...small detail, I know, but he didn't start nearly every down until a few games in.

You also told us that the West would win every award.

It is just that the East has the BEST player in the league in AC.

Dressler was an obvious choice in my books.

No disrespect to Big Play's emergence.

Dressler has over 2000+ All purpose yards. In there he had more receving yards than P-Rod. After reveiwing the statistics, I can see why Dressler won. The funny thing is, he only played because Dominguez, Flick and Fantuz got hurt.

P ROD also didnt start till the 4th game . Dressler deserved the award but I think P ROD will have a longer carreer because of his size and his ability to leap for long balls in tight coverage and his ball control ability with short outs .

It was a great move in finding this guy and taking a chance on him because of his limited playing time in College . To get a 1,000 yds in a rookie season is a great acomplishment . I`m thinking next season could only get BETTER !!!!

Dressler is a fine young player but I wouldn't trade P Rod for him no way....or Flick, end of story, over and out.


That's just it. He won because he had to step up in place of the Riders' best receivers, and he became one of their best receivers. They had to rely on a rookie to actually catch the ball and return kicks when the other returners were struggling. Stats say alot, but just the situation he was put in says more.

I don't see humour in that.

Who is P-Rod?

Where have you been all year?

P-Rod is the receiver who catches the throws from Q-Port.

You know, J-Lums and N-Set's teammates


And the other team mates like:

R-Mar ( who I thought was playing MLB for the Stampeders)

G-Hud (the holy war)

M-Bott ( ya know, he has machine guns for nipples. Just ask Austin Powers)

E-Coh ( the enviromentalist)

and J-Walk ( who is forever getting tickets)

What about O'Bill.

Dumb Thread!!!

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