I told you guys so!!!

You knew this was coming. When my bro called me Sat. am and told me the news about the game and ritchie's perfomance, I went right to the forum to see the reaction. And to my surprise, there was not one post one ... NOT ONE that mentioned his quality game. If Chang had gone 4-8 and a td you guys would go crazy. I mean most of you. Now not only do I think the management and coaching are inept but the fans too. What is wrong with you guys??? Yes susequently, there have been positive posts but come on. Has Chang won a game??? Williams had the longest td pass last year as well as the longest run from scrimmage. Again to be redundant, he has a better arm, better wheels, better decision-making abilty and significant leadership skills than ANY qb the ti-cats have on the roster. And let me go one step farther, once R. Williams has the starting job he will be your qb for years. I have alot more to say about the inept coachiong staff... next time.

You haven't been paying much attention. There have been several threads one of them being Richie is a natural. In fact there have been those of us who have supported Richie all along. I totally disagree with the fact that in a terrible season like this one (and last one for that matter) Richie didn't get a decent chance to show us what he could do. You weren't the only one who saw potential in him so get off your high horse.

Hey borehamgirl, when I went online sat. am. I counted something like 22 threads and not one with a headline about richie. I have been going on this forum regularly for two yrs. Overall,there has been little support for richie. Its a mortal sin for any head coach to not put the best skilled most talented players in each position to give your team the best chance to win... that has been happening at the qb position in Hamilton for the past two years (and two coaching staffs) That is why I am "on my high horse."

Assuming you are possibly a friend/relative of Ritchie's...I doubt he would appreciate you coming on the site and reacting this way. He has shown a ton of class while being in Hamilton, you should try to follow his example.

appfan1..you are wrong..on Friday night and Saturday there were plenty of Williams threads and responses,i know because I responded to many..and all good,...I for one was a fan the first time I saw Williams play here.I was hoping he would have been given a chance sooner than Chang..but now he is proving it that he is "tonnes" better..

The Reason Hamilton Fan Love Ritchie Is He
allways the Same Guy Lay Back and Cool.
Players love to play for him..
Cause he Keeps things lose Jokes and is him Self.
Works hard and Keep his noise Clean.

Sorry, but there have been many people who have supported Richie from the start. I have always known he had the tools to be a great QB and what I like most about him is that he is a team player. He once told us that he wanted to stay in Hamilton and knew that he had a lot to learn and he was willing to do that here. It's clear that is what he has done. One thing you need to learn about online forums is that generally speaking threads are about people who are NOT doing well. Richie is a keeper and a lot of us have always felt that way. I wasn't online on Friday but I know there were threads on Saturday.

the "fresh prince" rocks...please dont use that,jason farr

To Appfan1:
I hardly ever post on this site anymore, but last year I said Richie Williams should be the starting QB of this team. Unfortunately, perception go with ticket sales and Jason Maas sold tickets.
Now, again this year when he plays he is good.
I have nothing against Casey Printers, I just don't think he will stay here to the end of his contract. In the meantime I hope we don't let Richtie escape to some other team as a free agent when the time comes.
This kid is a natural CFL style QB who in my opinion has the tools to be a league MVP one day.

Hey Apps Fan ,stay cool.

It's true when the game was played Friday and Richie did all he did ,there should have been a post about his game.

I agree .

Unfortunately some other mud was being tossed around ,maybe folks get drinkin and all or they are young as alot don't come on here after any game late due to the volitility of post game talk.

Good for your Richie Williams .

I have supportrd him earlier as have many others in threads pre-Friday!

Go Richie!!!!

Be Cool App State

When Williams started the second half, I got the feeling we were going to win the game. It's a feeling I haven't felt in a long time. Although Printers is our guy (for now) it was clear his 41% knowledge of the playbook wasn't cutting it. Williams has worked hard, learned the game, stayed patient, and it all payed off.

There are plenty of Williams supporters on this site, none bigger than Meanstreak. AppFan, take a breath and embrace your inner Oskee. With all this big talk, it's like you guys beat Michigan or something.

I don't know.... can you still talk big after losing to Wofford?

What's a Wofford? Sounds like a sheep dog. Surely can't be a football team.

Hey appfan...When we met with Ritchie after last season He was confident he could make his mark...Very few on the forum gave Ritchie much love..Chang this, Butler that, practice roster bound..Everyone discounting him..Well feel vindicated..though I doubt the nay sayers will repent.....Be Cool App State

Just like another Furman Game

Whoooaaaa lets hold on here . He played well in a HALF a game and now this guy wants him to start over Printers ??

Does this guy have any idea what Printers has done in the CFL ?? I love the way these Americans think that cause a guy was great in college that they should be a STAR up here . Many a QB from big time schools in the NCAA have come and failed !!!

I want Williams to have a great carreer but there is no way he plays or even deserves to play over Printers.

He has to stay prepared and when his chance comes due to injury , be able to step in and take control like he did the other night . It was great to watch and I hope he`s ready for his next shot cause some of the people on here will jump all over him if he doesnt do quite as well !!!!

The starter of the thread is obviously an Appalachian State fan and knows Williams abilities from those days. He even has a valid point that Williams could be the QB of the future here. Printers contract is only 3 years..

Williams holds EVERY SINGLE passing record at Appalachian State and appfan is right to have confidence in him.

The truth though is that as long as Printers is healthy and under contract he will start.

I can tell you Richie had a lot of fans very happy at that last game and everybody in the CFL knows him now.