I thought those were dead?

Montreal's old third jersies, now I guess thrids, why are they playing in those again? I like them, for the new team in Halifax, but not for Montreal.

and you got to love Calgary's celebations, I love the "Cool Runnings" thing, don't know about the post dancing.

Hey Winnipeg, time to work on our dance rotine, Calgary is blow us out!

I guess they were try'n to change their fortunes with a new colour on their back to end a losing streak,but oops,it didn't work! :thdn:

Ya,I guess since there from Calgary they can do the Jamaican bobsled theme eh!Long live Eddie the Eagle!:lol:

I’ve updated my “modified” scores BTW, since most of it is off topic, I’ll just post the stuff that’s on topic.

Thus far since Week 10, the league:

  1. has had 6 close games (win by 3 points or less, or gone into OT, which hasn’t happened)
  2. The range of TDs that the winning team has scored is 5
  3. The range of tds that the losing team has scored is 3 or 1.

And this has what to do with jersies?

it's my topic pal, I can say what I want as long as I say it repectfully.

Since when do we own topics?

I say that the author of a topic should be resonsible for the direction of the subject on his/her thread, and if they want to change it, they can, if they don’t like where the thread is going subject wise, they can try and bring it back on topic, go with the flow, or suggest a different subject.

IMO, the less threads you post, and the more you get out of a thread (where you have to chage the subject or not), the better.

hers the problem with that, let's say I'm interested in your more recent posts, but not the early ones. I likely won't see them

The same thing can be said about posts!

Consider that the next time you make 3 or 4 consecutive posts rather than just adding them into the previous unanswered one.

And no you don't own the thread if you want to change the subject start a new thread!

I feel that it's always better to post in a current thread than to start a new one, especailly if it's yours.

everyelse I note.

That only applies if its the same topic!

Now I've seen everything....KK intentionally hijacked his own topic.....

Is there anything that boy won't do? Feel free to speculate and discuss, fellow members of the Peanut Gallery. :lol:

I wish B.C's jersey's were dead.

Which ones are you talkin about?White,orange or black, :rockin: because they are all tops in the league!!