I Thought Monopolies Were Banned

OK...it's been a LONG time since my last history class.
But I thought, after the Hudsons Bay Company, monopolies were banned in Canada.
How is it then, that TSN gets to monopolize TV coverage of the CFL?

OK, so much for the preamble.
Here's the URL for the East Final against the Lions:


If anyone has a couple seconds, try the sucker out...
just slide the dial to a bit past 7:05 or so
wait and it will stop at 7:14
Wipes out most of the quarter
Relegating that gem of a game to monopolistic obscurity
Apparently forever...because these people absolutely REFUSE to repair and redress.

Is TSN run by rabid BC fans, or just WHAT GOES ON HERE!??!!
The ONE game I missed last season and I can't bloody well watch it.
CFL-us interruptus...ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Now 3 months since that fateful day in Montreal....still no way of watching it on TSN Games on Demand.
I've come to the inevitable conclusion that great corporations get away with mistreating human beings because nobody has any sense of injustice until some crap falls on them, and by that time it's too late, and besides nobody else gives a crap about injustice. No wonder young people today are politically retarded...no wonder politicians can promise change and never fulfill the promise...human beings just don't CARE.
So be it.

I dont care.....I have it on DVD

Jesus Christ, just buy the game on iTunes for $2.49 and stop whining.

There is plenty of options, the game can be found on torrent ( do so quality) someone made a blu Ray and DVD version available. It would have been great if TSN made it available, but they don't. They bought the rights, since then we have less options. But they sell them on iTunes worked great for me.

I expect this will be the last post from Senior.

I hope not, Senior has stirred up a storm on this site- multiple opinions are interesting!!!