I thought Austin wasnt a complainer?!?

Sure seemed to "whine" it up like Wally on that TD! I remember a number of peeps puking that one out on their shirts!


Speaking of people complaining…

I don't know about you, but when a dude is punching, kneeing and ripping the helmet off of your player's head, I'd be pissed off too. He will be suspended and fined. I don't know why they kicked out the reciever. He didn't do anything, and Rasulli got off "scott" free, ( no pun intended). That's just wrong.

Austin bitches more than any of the other head coaches combined. That Smith TD was clear to Stevie Wonder. The fact that the ref was about 2 feet from him seeing it cross the line, and Austin is surely right being on the sidelines.

Scott Schultz is the clear pig here. I see three Rider D lying on top of Jarious and not getting off. The Lions are supposed to stand there and watch?

We can't afford to have another QB injured.

I agree in protecting your QB. Especially when you are down to your third string. But throwing punches and a knee is not the way to do it.

In the NFL #55 would get atleast 3 games and 100k+ fine. In the CFL he gets nothing. He was not protecting his QB and Shultz couldn't get up with the Dog pile - #55 for BC dog piled ontop preventing anyone from getting up. The posters calling him a pig are a disgrace to real football fans everywhere. As soon as the ball was fumbled its free - if Jackson didn't want to get hit he should have let the ball go. He didn't and sucked it up like a man and knowing he was going to get jumped grabbed it. Too bad the BC posters supporting such horrific on field actions of #55 aren't as much a man as Jackson is

Well yeah, Roger Goodell fined Bill Belichek 500k for stealing (videotape) signals.

RLR > I've almost lost all respect for you. You obviously haven't listened to Austin at all or you wouldn't have suggested he is the biggest whiner.

And re: the pile on Jackson, the Riders were going for the ball. Once the Lions landed on them they couldn't get up. And when Schultz was getting kneed and punched, I'm not surprised he didn't get up right away.

Rasouli should be fined and suspended. One of the dirtiest acts I've seen this year and it almost seems like he was proud of himself.

Enjoy that loss Kent Austin. Can't wait to hear your postgame comments.

Hope you listen to it. You will hear a coach that doesn't whine or complain. You will hear a guy who takes responsibility and will credit the Lions for the game they played.

Good win by the Lions. Not a good win by the Lions fans.

and he didnt whine and complain about Smiths very close TD? ok

He may still get something after the league reviews it.

I agree with this. Now who wants to call Murphy the dirtiest player in the league? LOL

No he threw the challenge flag - thats part of the game. If complaining and argueing calls makes a coach a whiner then atleast they are all 100% equal. Makes you wonder about a teams fans though. The BC players talk smack about winning but you don't hear them name call the specific players and coaches on other teams. Too bad their fans didn't have as much class as the players they cheer

Can you ever admit when your team does something wrong? It was a fumble. What are the Riders going to do? Let the lions recover. Rasouli has made cheap shots almost his whole career. Remember that game against Calgary, in which Rasouli made a late hit on some stamps player and it almost lost BC the game. There is no need to puch and kick players. Or pin them to the ground by their neck, like murphy did to chick.

From where I was sitting I wasn't sure who Gassed the helmet downfield but I know it sure as heck wasn't Rodgers #18.

Of course now that the precedent has been set that it's ok to toss helmets downfield he won't get anything.

After the review he was smack dab in the middle of my tv screen complaining about the results of the review.

My point is that he does complain. All coaches complain because part of their job is getting in a refs ear. If they arent on the refs, they arent doing their jobs. Its just that some riders fans seem to think they have some special coach that is immune to the emotions of the game and doesnt react to stuff like that. Maybe he is a robot? :smiley: