I think

We need to pick up one, possibly two of the Argo cast-offs. Gurley is my first pick with Hazleton a close second. These types of receivers are just what we need. Surely someone will scoop them if we don't. Elliot and Bates deserve a look-see too...

Big question. Can we afford any of them ?

If Walters doesn't have enough cap space to fit in a 4/18 of any of those guy's salaries he's been dormant on the job.

If the lowest guy on that list is $140k overall - with a $25k signing bonus (that's a CFL norm now to get around the non-guaranteed nature of salaries)

deduct the $25k and that leaves $115k - the pro rata for balance of season would be around $24,000...... chump change. However, if Walters has already burned the $100k flex cap and picking up any of the argo rejects - if it threatens one of our two purported 1st round picks, then play the rest of the season with Denmark and the dwarves; pray you can slither into the eastern crossover (need one win in last 4 to certify) and then go into re-build after 1 + done.

O'Shakey was asked on his radio show last nite about bringing in any of The Tall Boys from Toronto - he said he really liked his group. That's basically code for saying there's no money in the kitty for any of these guys. Don't get me wrong - Denmark, Smith & Dressler are all good to very good WRs but none of them are game-breakers. The canucks bombers start at WR are basically extra blockers for Nichols, catch the odd outlet or safety pass but that's about it.

No point discussing it further - even if the bombers get drowned in this week's game to fall to 8-7. :cowboy:

Well, at least we should get Gurley. I like that guy. With the injuries to Dressler and Smith turning out to be more common place, I think we need somebody.

....After dumping Willy and his ridiculous salary, we don't have any money???? Not bloody likely.....We have the cash and if we don't sign one of these guys they should fire Walters right now....We need one of them badly (preferably Gurley) to compete in the playoffs...I would replace Smith (who has not been a success story in 16) with Gurley...Not picking up anyone of these guys is telling the Bomber faithful we're good enough to go all the way with what we have..That is far from the truth and we have witnessed that in the last two outings..We're not good enough as things stand at present, and Mike O better get his act together or he could be wearing the horns of another failed season. :wink:

They've got the room.
Walters has been holding normally game ready guys on the 6 game.
Comes with our new found depth and that's gotta be freeing up cap space, the real issue is perhaps can the club afford more payroll?
Attendance was under 24k for a nice night Edmo game, Wad might have got the call from the bank!

Walters biggest mistake was not placing A. Harris on the 6-game. that would have provided enough cap space savings to bring in an extra body or two down the stretch. Now, they're prolly so tightly capped - they'd have to pay the financial penalty for bringing in a fresh body - and if they brought in two - they'd likely lose a 1st rd. draft pick.

Paying an obviously hurt Harris and keeping him on the roster was more than likely governed by P.R. optics. However, I note Harris took a few reps on the field today - but he's still day to day - until O'Shea is forced time-wise to make a decision! Harris is not 100% and probably won't be this year!

...I think the broader question is 'can we afford not to go after a receiver that'll improve us down the stretch'....When you know an improvement is out there, and you make no attempt... Fans could read something negative into that, and there may be a lot less than 24k in the next 2 games at home.. :wink:

Could not agree more. :thup:

I think the blue will house around 22 to 23k next couple games. Seems the special promotions dept. has just about disappeared - Wad may as well lay off the entire ticket-selling dept. until February/March of '17 . . . . while low 20s cards aren't bad, especially in bad weather or semi-unacceptable games its really the message being sent to bomber fans for 2017. Either you're willing to compete or you're not. By washing off on those TO WRs it really appears the bombers are trying to gut it out with diminished forces. Hello Gen. Custer - Hello Alamo!

I'm OK with not signing any of these guys to be honest. A struggling team like the Argos release three of their top receivers at this point for a reason. Yes they are dynamic and can make big plays. Is that payoff enough to overcome the potential locker room disruption they bring with them? A couple of these guys had issues in the locker room last year and now again on and off the field this year. Is it worth it? Our locker room has been solid. Guys here have come in and out of the lineup due to injury and you don't hear complaints. Do you believe any of these guys would fit that mold and not upset the apple cart? Not so sure.

On the flip side, while it was reported the Henoc Muamba was close to signing with the Riders, there was a report that the Bombers were still in the mix to some extent. If we could sign him and keep him away from the Riders at the same time would be a big move. As much as I'd like to add a more dynamic receiver, a Muamba signing may be a better move given the ratio changes we could make.

When I asked 'can we afford any of them' I was also thinking, as Papa stated, 'can we afford to not sign any of them'. We need that type of receiver.

And I did think about team disruption, as Wolverine stated, but so many volatile players have gone to other teams and settled down and succeeded. A change of scenery and all that. We also don't know how disruptive they were and how much those statements were made to save face of the coach and GM of the Argos. Blaming all your receivers for the dismal year you are having seems rather weird. I'd be willing to take a chance on at least one cast-off. Also the team WILL have something to say about dressing room antics and attitude.

Some volatile players do indeed settle down, especially if your locker room culture is strong enough. Others their personality is just too strong and they either clash and are outcast or completely disrupt things. It's hard to predict. I don't think the receivers were being blamed for the year, just that they were compounding the effect of the losses by their attitudes in the locker room and, given Milanovich's comments about their commitment, perhaps weren't so committed on non game days. Indeed we saw that sideline skirmish there. I will say though that O'Shea seems still connected to Milanovich so he should be able to get some behind the scenes info that would help in making a decision on which, if any of these players, to target.

All three guys were under performing compared to their 2015 levels and at times to me looked like they took plays off. That's an attitude thing that in some players my be fixed by the wake up call of being released. If I were to look at any of them though, I would look at Gurley or Elliott. Hazelton was already benched last year in a big game for the Argos for taking too many selfish objectionable conduct penalties and if I'm not mistaken he had gotten into a sideline shoving incident with teamates (could have the wrong player but I think it was him). In his social media post after his release he referred to himself in the third person a couple of times, or whoever wrote that for him forgot to use the first person, but doesn't look good IMO either way. He could be someone you can take a look at in the offseason or training camp to see if he's matured, but too big a risk IMO for a mid season addition.

Looks like Muamba to Riders is official. Nuts.

....If Muamba plays like he did for the Als'...darn good thing we didn't sign him :wink: As for not attempting to get better with the acquisition of one of these argo releases...Walters and O'Shea better have damn good reason if we exit early in 16 by sticking with the status quo...cuz the knives will be out....IF this was a team that had been relatively successful the last few years, I would say I'm out to lunch with that thought, but like I said, they will have some explaining to do..As far as signing one of these receivers and he could be disruptive...Why the hell would any player coming off a loser to a contender do that...It would be more the other way...maybe not being accepted by the guys already here...BUT if you're clearly not as good as the guy coming in...too bloody bad...That's professional sports...it's about winning not about some happy, smiley nirvana..

2 good posts Papa ! :thup:

You're right, this is professional sports, but not every player is professional about their job. The Argos didn't release them on a whim and more than likely these guys were given warnings to get right. The fact they didn't should be disconcerting. Remember, Toronto was 4-2 earlier this year and these guys didn't put in the work, so somehow they will magically do it here because we're 8-6? Some people are what they are. Call it ego, arrogance, indifference, selfishness.... Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, - lots of teams skipped over their talent because of their baggage. Michael Sam was a disruptive locker room issue in Montreal. Casey Printers, Tim Tebow anyone? It doesn't have to be a nirvana, but if everyone's doing their job and one guy goes around peeing in everyone else's coffee, it'll tick a lot of people off and affect the final product. Mike O'Shea and Kyle Walters have preached building a culture on the team and if they don't find that any of these guys fits in with that after they do their due diligence, fine by me. Biggest thing is that there are at least 4 other GMs who would like to add another receiver right now and none of them are jumping at any of these guys either, so it says a lot.

.......Agreed there are professionals and there are professionals...Willy is a professional and I'll say he's not good enough...We had a chance to improve...we did that when we started Nichols and dumped Willy...IF a team is content to not even try (example not bringing in a guy like Gurley) to get better, then what the hell is the sense of taking the field...IF he doesn't work out you give him the Willy treatment...I'll tell you right now, I watched Gurley's play from the time he has come into the league... In my opinion he's superior to any receiver we have NOW...including Dressler...So if you want to pass on that kind of talent because of an issue he might or might not have :thdn: :thdn: sorry can't go down that road...That's one that adds to 25 Cupless years .

....By the way...strike Hazelton off the available list ..he's about to sign with one of our division rivals the esks... Seems they think they can get better:wink:

With all due respect to everyone posting I'd rather have a Grey Cup contending team with a couple of bad apples on board - bad apples who can out-perform opposition DBs and make key plays.
So what if they don't bow down to Wadzilla when he enters the room on his sedan chair!

With Darwin Adams long-termed and A. Harris obviously physically impaired the bombers really do need at least another dominant offensive threat.

Is there an award for most mild-mannered team and coaching staff? If so, we win hands down! :cowboy:

Pre-season game at Varsity in 2015. Bombers at Argos. A guy named Gurley was good enough for me to notice and remember him. I had never heard of him before. That's how good he can be.... the discipline stuff maybe because of the 4 of them together, once separated, maybe things calm down. I like Gurley , my son likes Elliot. I just hope we do something. Tired of watching other teams scoop guys and they turn out great. It's our turn. Do something....

As much as I agree that we need a big play receiver, you can't force guys to sign here and I think there is still that stigma surrounding the organization.