i think we should trade the pick

i think we should trade the pick for something we need now 2 picks 3 picks what ever we r not out of the playoff hunt!!!!

Well it all depends what you get for it, doesn't it?

You should trade anyone if it helps your team.

we could probably get someone really good if we traded both 1st round picks and a player

CFL picks aren't like NHL picks. They don't have nearly the same value. I doubt if you'd get much for even 1st round picks. And which players do the Cats have that would be in high demand by other teams? Besides, any good Cats players are needed right here.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe we could get Moreno?

The Cats will most likely have the first 2 picks in next year's draft as either them or Winnipeg will finish last, with the other one next.

You have to see who is available in next year's draft. If there are 2 players that can be potential starters Hamilton's Canadian content will be fairly strong. If O'Bie can find some solid imports to fill the biggest holes Hamilton may finally be in contention.

If the draft is weak I would have to agree with barneyfife that the draft picks wouldn't be worth much as trade bait.

They worked for Winnipeg.

Remember, this is the Tiger-Cats, we couldn't get a steal in a trade if our lives depended on it.

Obie "So, Moreno for Canada? Sounds Good."

Taman "Uhm, yea, about that Canada is refusing to report, and we JUST discovered this injury, in which he has had for awhile now, but Moreno is already here, and it seems like you cut ties with him"

Obie "Oh well, your first round seems like good value for a proven All-Star, we're going down, we might as well go down without a fight."

Taman "Sounds good, I was wondering if you were interested in shipping Jesse here for a fourth & a fifth."

Obie "Hot damn, I didn't expect to get that for him, he'll be on the next plane out"

.....It's a sad year in Ticat Nation.


The CFL Had Great Draft Class last year.
Next year Canadian Board Class is not good from CIS and US Collage.
There are few good Players but over all it not good a Class from top to Bottom.

Miller 91. I’m with you man. I WAS being sarcastic. What ever happened to “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” These lopsided trades never seem to go in our favour.