I think we have some gutsy kid receivers here folks?!

Awesome game and a great win! Joseph looked great scrambling and doing what he does best out of the pocket; great vision and pass selection as well.

James Robinson looked awesome! Tyler Scott had a fantastic 4th quarter! Things are lookin' up for the receiving corps.
Belli looked good for the D and even Vanderjagt looked confident. This game could go down as a pivotal game for '08 as both a confidence and momentum builder. Let's keep it going boys! :rockin: :thup: :smiley:

Best Argo game I've ever been to. Even my brother, who is an NFL fan and had to be dragged to the game, was jumping out of his seat cheering at the end.

For those who weren't at the game, I noticed a fair but of talking between Joseph and Bishop on the sidelines. Along with a slew of others, this is another positive development!

Keep it going, Argos!

Looks to me like a star is born in James Robinson. He's going to be a force. Could of had another TD if Joseph hadn't under threw him. Only mistake I saw him make was not looking back to Joseph quick enough on a down and in. Joseph hit him right on the numbers but Robinson wasn't looking for the ball.
Scott looks like a good young Canadian receiver as well. Joseph also under threw him once or he would have had a TD as well.

Joseph is a force only if he runs the ball on a regular basis IMO. To easy to defend if he tries to be a pocket passer. He still hasn't learned to look off defenders very well. But he's really only played QB since 2004, not like a Cavillo or a Ricky Ray who have played QB all their life practically.
Hopefully this win will give the offense the confidence they need to put a bunch of wins together.

agree with all that was above…

#4,15 and 19 carried this team offensively tonite.

where was talbot tonite, by the way? i didnt see him at all.

Injured...announcers said a groin pull...

I was not at all impressed, Joseph had 5 passes batted down, he does not seem able to complete a pass more then about 19 yards.5 and 10 yard passes are not what I find exciting, look for Bishop to be back in as starter by midpoint of the season. Josephs numbers where inflated in part by the 10 yard pass that the receiver then ran 90 yards with, also Edmonton was using a bend but dont break defense allowing all the small change that Joseph built up late in game.

In the first 3 games Joseph started inside the opponents 50 so many times I lost track, he has very little to show for it.

Congratulations. I didn't think anybody could have faulted Joseph for this game. 343 yds in the air, 118 on the ground, an amazing 109 yd drive. And you can't find one good thing to say? Did he refuse to autograph your hat or something???

Joseph and the offense put 35 points on the board. That’s been very rare the last few years as the Argos have had to rely on punt returns and interception returns along with the defense to win games.

Joseph says himself they all can get better, but sometimes you have to give the opposing defenses some credit as well.

5 and 10 yard passes can get the job done too. They're not gonna care what you find exciting as long as a win is the final product.

"allowing all the small change that Joseph built up late in game." ? You make it sound like it was a blowout that Joseph picked up a few more numbers for his stats!

You want small change? How's this for small change?

A $1.09 baby.

A buck o' nine....

Thanks go out to Ricky Foggie for helping bring James Robinson up here from the AFL2. As for Tyler Scott, that was some great scouting by the Argos (Nick Volpe & Miles Gorrell). He has almost surpassed his college reception totals in his last two games.

How can anyone not be impressed with the performance of KJ yesterday?????

I can just hear Adam Rita giving Foggie a call and telling him that kid Robinson you sent up isn't much good he only caught 10 passes today. :slight_smile:
But if he keeps this up the NFL will come calling. At 6'03 196 with speed and good hands all he has to do is learn to run good routes to play down south.
I didn't realize he had that much speed...on his TD he just ran away from Younger, who isn't the slowest CB in the league.
His emergence as a top receiver should take some of the double team off Arland Bruce, which can only help the Argo passing game more.

With the humble football beginnings of Robinson, perhaps it will silence fans from other team forums who insist the Argos only look at NFL resumes before signing players.