I think we did it!!

Well I think we "non fairweather" fans weathered the storm and had a few laughs at the rather expected 1st 2nd 3rd and 425th posts of fans who simply have "had enough", they're "mad as hell" and "aint gonna take it no more".

They're gonna "boycott" the next game and "give up their seats to bright eyed children on the streets" and look to next year

Will they be back??


Does anybody really care??

You should care, so should the team. With out them we are back to a 14k average attendance and eventually no team at all.

What are fans supposed to do? People have a vested interest in this team's success. What makes Cats fans true sports fans as opposed to the millions of casual poser Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays, Bills (insert 'major' league American team here) etc fans is that we know the game and will show and voice our displeasure as much as loudly as our support would be in good times. This protest can come in many forms be it in lack of attendance or paper bags in attendance. I'd rather have an honest fan base than on like that of the Maple Leafs which will perpetually buy into mediocrity when there are successful teams in hockey of all sorts of levels around them that go unsupported.

I'm pissed. I'll attend because I love football but I don't blame people one bit for staying at home. I've been an avid optimist of this team's turning around this year but last night's game showed that we aren't in this league. We play the teams but we never seem to be in control, even with the lead.

Serious changes need to happen on the field. Taffe has a track record of success but I think some of the assistant coaches need to re-assess their strategies. Maas has no composure when the going gets tough. That’s proven. He's a veteran and there's no getting better to it. He's had a year and a half to show veteran savvy but he's been nothing but a project. A project at his age is either a perennial back up or a league cast off. I don't know if the receivers were getting open or not but Maas did some things to cost the Cats that game.