i think the league has to do somthing about this one

im a ticat fan a hard core at that but this trade that just happen has me and alot of ppl fired up in hamilton, i understand this player(CANADA)so called has somthing wrong with him and can not play the rest of the year, but y is it that articles make it out that he will return to play that he still says he is a bomber....if the league dosent do somthing then what!!!! players if not wanting to leave dont have toooo....things dont look good on CANADA,and the CFL. i think the league should get its act togetther and i hope someone from the league is reading these things , u want to make the league grow , u want to gett ppl into watching the league how can u when s*** like this goes down!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might actually respond to this post if I could figure out what you said. Are schools in Steeltown that bad?


Try using English next time...

leave the guy alone!

Slightly off topic, but I believe you can get an enlarged spleen from having mono. In the article I read, he says he has been feeling "bad" for a couple of weeks.

first Canada says he won't play for a loser, then he's hurt. hmm sounds fishy.

If we see Canada suiting up for the bombers and playing alongside Moreno before the end of this season then most definately yes.

The leagues spindoctors will have to work overtime for damage control.

As I understand it, all trades have to be rubber-stamped by the league, so as it stands now, this trade, however unpleasant, has been league approved.

Its public record that Cohon made the decision to compensate a 1st round pick instead of Canada for Moreno. All they could do really. If they had forced a specific player, they would have had problems with the CFLPA and been made out to be the bad guy by Winnipeg and clearly Obilovich didn't want Moreno back.

So Taman traded damaged goods (Unknowingly, who knows?)

Obilovich didn't want to annul the trade.
(Had no other interested party for Moreno)

Canada was not going to report to Hamilton.

Good job by Cohon

I am not disagreeing with you HfxTC, but the problem I am having is this story of a spleen injury.

After all, we heard Canada say he didn't want to play in Hamilton, among other things...

Is it possible that the league came up with that excuse? How then can the league investigate itself?

Canada did not want to report injury or not so really in the end the injury works out for Hamilton, without the injury they had right to Corey Mace that's it. Now they get something instead of nothing.

As far as Canda he's damaged his relationship and his value league wise, burned bridges with one maybe two organisations.

His season is over. If Taman activates him before then end of the season then the league looks like bush.

Canada needs to be fined for his disparaging remarks towards one of the league's teams.

Step up Mr. Cohon.

The thing about spleen problems is that they are very provable medically. If there were shenanigans at play, it would have likely been a back injury, which is more difficult to prove, more of a complaint based diagnosis. (Injury investigations fall into my personal line of work btw). I would chalk this one up to coincidence and fortune than collusion, conspiracy and spin doctoring.

Not arguing with your knowledge, but aren't you assuming that there will even be any sort of injury investigation?

My guess is that in a few weeks the only ones talking about this will be ticat fans. Meanwhile the league will have moved on.

Could the ticats demand an investigation? Would they even bother?

The deal is done now and the Ticats are happy with it. So can’t see it.

I would have prefered to see Cohon add the draft pick to the deal to compensate the Cats for losing competitive level to Winnipeg for the rest of the season and Still get Canada as an asset that they could trade or play next year… That would have been an even stronger statement

And he'll appeal to the CFLPA and an arbitrator will overturn the fine.

The CFLPA runs this league, not Mark Cohon.

You might want to do something about your GM instead.

From CatChat by Ken Peters, Hamilton Spectator reporter:

If Bombers call again, don't answer
What in the name of Troy Davis, Tim Bakker, Dan Comiskey, Danny McManus and our first round draft pick for Jason Maas is going on?

I spoke to Obie Wednesday and asked him to explain the Zeke Moreno trade.

This much is clear; Winnipeg initiated trade talks and asked Hamilton if they were interested in Tom Canada. Cats were.

Any conflict between Moreno and the coaching staff wasn't an issue. Moreno didn't seek a trade.

There were no financial considerations. Cats would have added payroll with Canada.

Obie was offered other Bomber starters when Canada's spleen injury was revealed. None interested him as much as Canada.

Obie considered nixing the deal but Moreno was already en route.

Obie believes the Cats will get a good player from the Bomber draft pick. If Corey Mace becomes available that will be a bonus.

But the real eye-opener is that the Cats feel Cornelius Anthony can be just as effective as Moreno as the new Cat middle linebacker. Cats believe Anthony is faster and like the fact he can play special teams (Moreno never did).

Obie doesn't believe trade weakens Cats for playoff run because they think Anthony can match Moreno's play. and if that happens, the Cats believe they come out ahead because of the Mace and draft pick component for the future.

Obie wanted to increase team speed; he feels Anthony does that.

That's the Cat take.

I am a Bomber fan who feels for Hamilton. What Taman did is fraud and the league should investigate Taman's behaviour regarding this matter. I find it hard to believe that he did not know he was trading damaged goods. A ruptured spleen is a serious injury which would require immediate medical attention. When did Taman know is the key to this issue. The Hamilton club should demand an investigation. No doubt they got royally screwed. A franchise player for a song and a dance. Don't feel to bad Hamilton. We sold our entire club to Asper for a song and dance.

i think the blue stole moreno. i liked the trade of canada and the rights to mace for moreno and a conditional pick. it was a good trade in all rights. but after canada got hurt and the trade was approved as a first round for next year and the rights to mace for moreno and a conditional pick is brutal.

you all know i a mfrom the land known as bomberville, and i love the idea of having moreno. but i thin the trade should have at least taken the conditional pick of hamiltons end. we already got the best mlb so although we gave up a first rounder they haded a ree pick later in the draft that hamilton deserves.

Actually if things hold out the way they are now the Tiger Cats vcould get the first two draft picks. They are coleecting great Canadians and to be successful you have to have very good canadian players. Great move Obie.