I think rider fans should

I think that all rider fans (Not Spankee) should get down on their knees and thank me for not bashing them anymore.Everything that I have said in the past exactly what is happening.
I could say told you so to every arguement I have had with a rider fan.
Just kidding.Better luck next year riders.

Get on thier knees and thank you? Ewwww. I'd rather the i told you so..

I think all Rider fans should become Ottawa fans. :lol:

First off thanks :smiley: but I couldnt care if you bashed us or not. Better off next year? the season is not over and if their is still lots of games left to be played. If the Riders get the QB situation worked out and get their heads screwed on right they could still finish 3rd. Easily. The are tied with Calgary in the standings for 3rd.

Ive seen wierd seasons in my time, Write the Riders off ? nah not yet...remember last season when we were like 4-8 then reeled off 5 or 6 wiins we laid a licking to the Als & Eskies... but then there was BC ..... Lol oh well, that was last year :slight_smile:

Oh and BTW Gades...... I just recently jumped on the Gades bandwagon.... I guess I just like cheering for the underdogs :slight_smile:

Those under dogs , are in 1st place in the EAST.

theres sure alot more to cheer about in ottawa, plus you get rid of the hatred of winnipeg and calgary

belive it or not the bombers are still in the mix to, there only 1 game behind both calgary and sask. plus winnipegs already finished there 4 game skid, the riders are still in theirs. the bombers have ironed out all there problems from the season opener and can easily beat the current rider team

Yogi many fans on here at the begining of the season stated that the teams in the west would be close. I will remind you thought the Stamps have played one less game then both the riders and the bombers.

the stamps have a game in hand? darn, and they have the season series against the bombers which doesnt help. but sask has the by week right then they play bc? and doesn't calgary play mtl and toronto their next two games? if cgy loses both and sask loses to mtl (which is likely) the bombers will still only need two points to tie them, they may not get them against ottawa but right after that wpg plays hamilton again! it could get interesting allthough the bombers schedule after is fairly tough.

Ummm, yeah...I'm not writing this team off yet...but enough with the QB "russian roulette"...

Exactly the bombers to have to win remember but anything can happen.

the riders are a .500 team no beter no worse that means a 9 & 9 saeson which i believe is goodenough for 3rd and a playoff berth
the season isnt over till its over and we still have 10 games left

Why would we want to get down on our knees to thank you???? :shock: Sure, we've had our share of problems this year, but who knows what will happen...lots of season left...anything can happen.

Good luck with that Saskargo. From what I’ve seen most Rider fans are running for the exits already. Either that or they are switching teams for the flavor of the month. Considering all the hype and talking they were doing before the season started, switching teams in mid season has got to be the most dissapointing and pathetic thing I’ve seen on here from the so called “greatest fans in the CFL”

If you are going to say “I told you so” to any of them you will probably have to sneak up on them, or try browsing in the Renegades forum!


The Riders will win the Grey Cup this year!

Rider Pride Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saskargo Drools!!!!!!!!!!

Good to see there's at least one Rider fan who has enough guts to still back his team when they're in a slump.

I have to admit - it is a little annoying to constatnly put up with "those" Rider fans that mouth off like crazy whenever their team wins, then disappear in a puff of smoke when the Riders hit the skids.

Show some integrity, dammit!

the riders won't even make the play offs. they'll skid the rest of the year becasue they have no quaterback. they may get a win here and there but they won't get over .500. calgary will unfortunetly miss the play offs to the bombers after the bombers anilate themm at the last game of the season, ending one game above the stamps. I HAVE SPOKEN

They've switched jerseys.....A couple are wearing BC jerseys now. :cry:

When I close my eyes....the comments are the same, but the names change.

Turkey you have posted one joke already you know the one about T Owens coming to the CFL. Did they not tell you only one a week.