I think Ottawa will win it all this season...

O wait...wrong sport.

LMAO :lol: niiiccee

If your talking hockey Steve-o, the Sens will be in trouble, if they match up against me Flyers..

Sens, ok, they might make it to the 2nd round this year, if they are lucky.

Get out the engraver.

that just wasn't nice

but I think that Ottawa will win it all in 2008, after a strong season in 2007 (so good it rivals the Baltimore record)

Ottawa in 2007!

At least the Leafs missed the Playoffs......They won't be playing the Sens in the playoffs!

Speaking of the Leafs, they must have joined the Canucks for Golf Tee times next week......Can't get a tee time on any course! :wink: :wink:

They Will also have heaps of trouble if they go against the Mighty Habs. Winner of the last two meetings, and 4 of 5 this season.

......oh man, if the Sens are bumped out the first round can you imagine the liquor sales in Ottawa?.......that would be catastrophic.......

The Laffs are still alive S.men.....
We'll put them out of their misery on Saturday night.
I can't wait to hear Leaf Nation say" Yeah, the Sens won the Cup, but you didn't go through us!" I love it.
I'm living for that day.
The Blue Team goes down for the count this Saturday.

Neither can I supersmith. I just hope they keep Quinn, That way we can most likely be sure that they won't make it next year either.

Somebody better give Cole and Neal a crying towel. :smiley:

I've got the towel that they used in 1994 all dried off, when Greg Adams scored to eliminate them from the Cup.

They'll both be on antidepresants for the rest of the season!

What would happen if the SENS had many losing seasons like THE LEAFS have? Or even a couple?

Hell , TORONTO had the HAROLD BALLARD years and havn't won since 1967.

We still sell out MLG [although , I guestion the wisdom of that]

I just love reading that.

its a good thing that I am not a LEAF fan , but an honest one. :lol: